Meet Sharon R Frank, the Financial Guru for Real Estate


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Sharon R. Frank: Bringing a Better Real Estate Experience  Sharon Frank is a professional real estate broker and Real Estate Developer who achieves continuous success through wholehearted service in the field. Sharon takes real estate more as a lifestyle than a career. This mindset, coupled with her meticulous and results-oriented persona provides a clear roadmap leading to the success of every transaction. In her 23 years of service, she has worked extensively in the real estate field and her successes have been tremendous.  She is dedicated to serving the needs of her clients with the utmost professionalism, world-class customer services and unwavering attention to detail. For Sharon, the real estate industry is a place where she can act as a fierce advocate and an astute problem solver for various individuals. With Sharon’s years in the business field, she brings an in-depth business acumen, insight, and innovation having pioneered various organizations. As a full-fledged Expert realtor, entrepreneur, contributing columnist, and Philanthropist, Sharon craves to foster the quality of lives through active participation and commitment working with various non-for-profit community-based organizations that serve the underserved, women and families in Crisis. She is the Vice President of the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity, Nassau County, N.Y., she currently serves in an advisory capacity for various not-for-profit organizations, she, however, speaks at various business conventions and conference for businesses, women, as well as real estate conventions and seminars. Sharon is passionate about empowering women- she takes it as a personal mission to help them become the best version of themselves and realize their true life’s purpose.   What does it mean to be financially independent? When you are financially independent it means that you are the architect of your finances. You are in control of the day to day financial affairs that concern your life. It means being financially empowered and being able to support yourself without any outside help by taking control of your finances. How can women build their credit to get a loan? First, you must take steps to boost your financial knowledge then organize your financial life with proper planning, set goals and stay in-the-know. You must be the boss of your money. One of the simplest ways I always recommend is using companies that monitors your credit profile, these companies also offer other services to assist you with building your credit. What can someone do to prepare to own a home? First figure out what your needs are this includes the size of your family and the location where you want to live, this will give you an idea of the price of the houses for that particular neighborhood and how much you will need to save for the purchasing of a home . next get your credit in order then consult with a mortgage professional to get pre-qualified for a mortgage, they will let you know how much house you can afford, then you can start your search. What are the types of loans people should be aware of? Are there certain banks that are better to work with than others? There are all types of mortgage companies or financial companies that are available to Buyers for Home Loans according to your financial situations. Tell us a little about your Philanthropic work? In my philanthropy, I help women and families who are in need of housing by partnering with Habitat for Humanity in building homes throughout the communities. Through this process, it has heightened my thought process regarding the need for increased education regarding credit, budgeting and savings amongst low and middle-income earners and specifically women. Any workshops coming up? Yes, we are holding workshops throughout the tri-state area that will equip and empower individuals for home ownership and investing goals. The workshop inc will show you the art of getting approved, this includes one-on-one credit counseling, investment goals, personalized budgeting and savings planning through motivational techniques and continued accountability.    Want to be a part of owning a home or buying a new one? Read on and contact Sharon R. Frank today! YouTube/Twitter/FB/IG: @ sharonrfrank]]>