Mitchie Brusco Pulls OFF an Unbelievable Trick At The X-Games


( ENSPIRE Sports ) Skateboarder Mitchie Bruscho Pulls Off The First 1260 in the X-Games

ENSPIRE Contributor: Fago Franklin III

Tis is the season for the gift of miracles. During the 2019 X-Games Mitchie Brusco did the unthinkable! He did a 1260 in the air and landed it perfectly. This is the first time in X-Games history that a person landed a 1260.

During his run, he looked like he didn’t get a lot of air under him when he went up for the trick, but he got just enough to do the amazing trick. Despite breaking history, Brusco settled for Silver.

After the trick was finished, everyone was still in a buzz about what they had seen and even Tony Hawk was amazed in tweeted out, “I am speechless.”

Take a look at the video!