Holly Hall Supply Co. Promotes Natural and Simple Skin Care Products


( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) Justin Moore, Founder of Holly Hall Supply Co. Discusses Start in Skin Care Industry and What He Hopes to do Next

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

The Black-owned and dermatologist-developed beauty brand, Holly Hall Supply Co. is actively breaking stereotypes and making skincare less intimidating and accessible to “anyone with skin.” The founder, Justin Moore, grew up in a dermatologist’s office. From a young age, he spent hours at his dad’s practice on Holly Hall Street. There he learned about skincare and skin products to be used for great, natural skin.

Moore first developed his passion for skincare at an early when he saw first-hand what it could do for a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Not only did he want to help people with high-quality products, but he also wanted them to be accessible less expensive than those in the market today. “Skincare is unique in that it affects us all, and our skin is the first impression that people have of us,” Moore said. “I’m inspired by helping others improve their confidence through their skincare regimen.”

Growing up in this industry made it easier for Moore to know what to expect and what to strive for when building his own business. Holly Hall Supply Co. started simply with skin care products such as face washes and moisturizers. Due to the growing popularity and customer feedback, the company started adding products such as beard oils and exfoliating scrubs. All the recipes start with dermatologists who experiment and tweak products until they get the best possible formula for clients.

The company’s best-selling Essentials Skin Care Kit retails at $45, and customers are given the option to buy each product individually at $18. Other products include the Revitalizing Daily Face Wash, which retails at $7 for a travel-sized bottle, which works to revitalize and refresh the skin. The Daily Repair Moisturizer retails at $7 for a travel-sized bottle, and it works to repair damaged skin and reduce signs of aging.

Moore has plenty planned for 2021. They have an expert speaker series, product launches, and more prepped for the upcoming year. Holly Hall Supply Co. ships free in the U.S. and more products can be found at their website. Keep up with the brand on Instagram @HollyHallSupply.