Precious Dreams Foundation Raises $150k at 8th Annual Fundraising Gala


( ENSPIRE Community ) Grammy Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Miguel Joins ABC’s The View Co-host Sunny Hostin at Precious Dreams Foundation

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On Wednesday, October 16th the Precious Dreams Foundation hosted their 8th Annual Fundraising Gala at the Marquee New York hosted by The View Co-host Sunny Hostin with keynote speaker Grammy Award Winning Artist Miguel whose been a supporter of the foundation since 2012. The event was held in support of PDF’s mission to ‘provide bedtime comfort items and mental health programs for children in transitional housing, including the homeless and those in foster care’.

Precious Dreams Foundation was founded in 2012 by Nicole Russell and Angie Medina and supports the well being of foster and homeless children by using a special technique focused on using bedtime necessities and positive reinforcement to empower children to recognize and focus on their dreams. Through its signature Comfort Drop programs, PDF delivers sleep essentials (pajamas, books, plush toys, journals, blankets) and coping strategies that are vital for children in transition to get a good night’s rest.

Host of the evening Sunny Hostin spoke about why she supports the foundation as a mother knowing that her children have a need for a parent on a daily basis. Even as they grow and the mere thought of the children who do not have that comfort as a result of being separated from their families “I want to draw attention to the fact that we have to take care of our kids and that they need a level of comfort that many of them aren’t getting!”

(l-r) Elle Varner, Nazanin Mandi Pimentel, Miguel, Nicole Russell, and Ro James.

“There’s an estimated 1,500 children that are displaced and it’s incredible to me the administration doesn’t see this as an issue.” She then went on to send a message to those children stating “We love you, we care about you and someone who was a kid from the South Bronx projects can go on to do what I’ve done so can you! “The foundation honored Deputy Commissioner of NYC Department of Social Services Annabel Palma with the Miracle Maker Award for her dedication and service to fighting for public service by organizing workers and leading walkouts to protest unfair working conditions. Miguel long-time supporter of the foundation delivered the keynote speech and touched on his own personal experience after the divorce of his parents and although he had the support of his parents there are many kids that are not fortunate enough to have that and how important it is for kids to know their are those that will support them through adversities, “We all come from struggles and being passed down negative thinking, it’s hard to quantify how many are dealing with this and anything I can do to support them I will” before opening the floor for Palma who delivered an emotional speech. Palma reflected on her trials and tribulations as a single mother remembering a time that she was separated from her son when his father told her mom who is a caretaker for the child that he was going to the store and never returned. She spoke on the system not being on her side and feeling helpless which led to the passion behind her career in the NYC Department of Social Services.

Guests opened their hearts and wallets to donate to the foundation helping to reach its goal to service for 400 children in local shelters by providing them with the essentials. Co-founder of the organization Nicole Russell spoke to guests about the gratitude she felt in the 8th year but also knowing there is so much more work to be done for the over half a million children in foster care across the United States and thousands in the NYC system “I know that we’re making a difference but there’s so much more work that needs to be done!”

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