Rachel Davis, Founder/Owner of Demystifying Men


( ENSPIRE Mind, Body & Soul ) Rachel Davis Gives Tips on Sustaining A Long Lasting Relationship

Rachel Davis is known to many as the Relationship Whisperer. Rachel has built her unique brand of understanding the development of men with corporate executives, business leaders, and stay-at-home moms. Rachel is helping women make better transformational decisions when it comes to life, love, men, confidence, marriage, and relationships. Rachel’s training strategies will give you the tools you need to send your love life to new heights. Below Rachel shares her tips on how men and women can sustain long-lasting relationships

We, as humans, are designed for connection. We crave it, desire it, we long for it, and when we have it, we want to do all we can to protect it. When it comes to love and relationships, having that mind, body, and spirit connection is essential for maintaining and nurturing a long, healthy, and happy relationship.

Yet, we are busier than we’ve ever been before. Working long hours commuting more now than before and if you have children or aging parents, tending to their needs further deteriorate at the precious little time we have left for intimate connections. Furthermore, with the advent of social media, we are more distracted then we’ve ever been before.

The examples of stress mentioned, along with continuous stimulation and mental fatigue, are causing us to be less concerned with spending meaningful time together as a couple, that is connected and centered. We are more flippant and dismissive of those who are closest to us. Let’s not even add a demanding job or business and other responsibilities to the equation. That, in addition to the tsunami of mental distractions, is a recipe for couples to be disconnected, less intimate, and limited in meaningful engagements that display love, care, safety, and tenderness towards one other. 

If you can relate to the toxic combinations of stress mentioned above, keep reading as I will share with you a few tips couples can use to sustain long-lasting loving relationships.

  •  Put your cell phone away: I know it is unfathomable to think about not having your cellphone near in case an emergency happens at the office or you not able to get first-hand intel on current events. However, let me assure you, your employees will be ok, and the juiciest bit of pop culture gossip will not go stale any faster if you are not “connected.” It is essential for the health of your relationship to disconnect and get connected to each other.
  • Home-cooked meal: I haven’t met a man or woman who does not enjoy a home-cooked meal from their significant other. So, send the kids away, cook their favorite meal, light some candles, play some music, set up a picnic on your living room floor, and enjoy where the night takes you. You will be pleasantly surprised how eagerly he/she will want to show you how strong and potent, yet gentle and open their love is for you.
  • Compliment: Nothing helps to reaffirm your love and the position a loved one holds in your world than words of affirmation. Sharing compliments lets them know you still see and acknowledge their presence in your life. Tell him how good he looks! Tell her how much you appreciate her support and how much she is needed for you. It’ll go a long way in sustaining a love-filled relationship.
  • Ask for his advice: The most fascinating thing I learned about the human connection is that, your opinion is valued by the one who loves you. So when a loved one asks you for your advice or opinion, it’s a sign of respect, trust, which translates to love. So ask his/her advice and watch how ready and willing they are to support you. 
  • Initiate sex: It does not take much to get things going in the boudoir. Stroking thighs, giving long loving looks while biting your lower lip, grabbing an ass cheek as they walk by are a few ways to signal you want sex. Sex is a physical manifestation of intimacy, so give your partner what he/she needs. Just know they will certainly give you what you need in return, exponentially.

These tips will help in creating radical change in your ability to make an effortless impact on your relationships with men and manifest your confident self while falling in love with the person you’ll become. 

Rachel’s book Demystifying Men: The Blueprint was recently launched in Times Square in NYC and was recently a featured speaker at Nene Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta) Ladies of Success Summit, Pillow Talk. To learn more about Rachel and her book go to www.LovebyRachelDavis.com