Justin P. Wayoro Creates Inspiring Faith-Based Literature and Films


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Award-winning Filmmaker and Entrepreneur Justin P. Wayoro Features a Diverse Cast of Characters in his Faith-Based Children’s Book, “The Book of Jenesys: A Child of the Most High”

ENSPIRED Contributor: Kyla Yates

Justin P. Wayoro’s children’s book “The Book of Jenesys: A child of the Most High,” features a courageous eight-year-old on a quest to encourage children worldwide to discover and utilize their God-given gifts. The Book of Jenesys is a Christian series founded and inspired by the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Wayoro, born in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, now resides in Oxnard, California. He is currently working on his second book for The Book of Jenesys series. Wayoro is also a award-winning filmmaker and artist and has launched the Make Him Famous Network, a faith-based TV platform that promotes faith through features and documentaries. Wayoro is also the founder of a marketing agency called Vent2wire, which specializes in web development, brand design, and digital marketing and advertising.

Photo: Justin P. Wayoro

In 2012, Wayoro produced an award-winning documentary called “Discovering Our Mothers.” Wayoro is committed to making a difference in the lives of people through faith-inspired literature and films. As an author, Wayoro’s goal is to create faith-based projects that share about faith, are engaging, funny, and inspirational for children of all ages.

The story within The Book of Jenesys is highly motivated by the values emphasized in the Christian world. By spreading love, peace, and unity, the series engages the young mind by enticing them with adventure stories, overcoming challenges, forming strong friendships, and learning about life in an exciting and captivating way.

Photo: The Book of Jenesys

The Book of Jenesys hones in on how the main-character, Jenesys, was raised, what she read with her father, and how she made it applicable to her own life. Jenesys is not only caring and empathetic towards other people but she is also highly intelligent and very generous. The most significant aspect of this incredibly selfless character is that although she is only eight years of age, she still continues to take situations into her own hands and understands that she has the autonomy and self-control to change the world around her.

Check out Justin P. Wayoro’s website at www.mrjpw.com, and the Book of Jenesys at www.bookofjenesys.com. You can also learn more about the Make Him Famous Network here www.mhfnetwork.com