Freddie Figgers Black-owned Telecom Company Is Keeping People Secured and Connected Through The Pandemic


( ENSPIRE News Trending ) Tech CEO Freddie Figgers Plays A Key Role in Keeping People Safe During Covid-19

Freddie Figgers has conducted business under one policy: People over profits. One of the youngest Black owners of a telecommunications company in America, Figgers, 30, used his resources and technological expertise to help countless people in underserved communities across the country during the pandemic and continues to do so.

In the start of the pandemic, when medical professionals and individuals needed personal protective gear, Figgers said he bought 640,000 N95 masks from vendors across the globe, 200,000 face shields, 300,000 disposable masks, 80,000 12-package bottles of hand sanitizer and 50,000 gloves. ) After the equipment came at his south Florida office, he also used seven of his semi-trucks to deliver the items.

Freddie Figgers

Patrick Carnegie, president, and CEO of MRC Health, the leading nonprofit health care system in Florida, said he was impressed with Figgers.

Carnegie Stated “When COVID-19 hit, it was critical for our patients to have access to the more than 250 facilities we have across Florida,” Carnegie said. “Freddie was able to develop The Doctor Now platform in about 30 days and we were able to roll it out across the state and continue to provide service to patients when no one could come inside the building. He was a blessing to us.”

Figgers recently released a glucometer to measure blood sugar, because diabetes affects a disproportionate share of Black Americans. Figgers said he will keep looking for ways to merge tech and health care to help marginalized communities. “I want to expand in health care development,” he said. “There are diseases and so many that impact Black people. I want to help and there is lots of work to do.”