Gospel Artist Dr. Rachel M. Wilson’s Powerful Message of Solidarity


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Multitalented Dr. Wilson Uses Her Voice to Tribute America

ENSPIRE Contributor: Lucas Raskin

Preacher, CEO, and record charting gospel artist, Dr. Rachel M. Wilson, has released a Message of Hope music video to spread hope during the age of COVID. Wilson’s over 20 years of experience in ministry have prepared her for dealing with the loss and shock of the pandemic. She is an inspiration to many and her hit single “Love Song” ft. Carnell Murrell has hit the top 16 on the Nielsen Radio Charts. Dr. Wilson is also the CEO of the non-profit Girl Talk International, which promotes education and guidance for young women.

Dr. Wilson, along with her husband, Dr. Ronald Wilson, both of whom received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College in August of 2013, is the Pastor of Kingdom Vision Life Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. She touches audiences with her personal, yet straightforward style. She also runs Rachel Wilson Ministries, by which she hosts seminars and teaches leadership courses. 

Doctors Rachel and Ronald Wilson

Dr. Wilson also spreads peace and hope through her non-profit, Girl Talk International, as well as its offshoot, Flavors, which is intended for girls 13 and younger. These organizations promote discovery-driven personal discovery and biblical values for young women of all ages. Her work has been featured on Channel 12 Local News, TCT Network, and huami Magazine.

Wilson Performing

Dr. Wilson’s talents are not just limited to her preaching. She is also a gospel artist, signed with DAF Records. Her hit music video, “Coach Bag” was featured on BET’s Video Gospel. Off of her two successful albums, “Make Up Your Mind” and “Introducing Rachel Wilson,” she has recorded her single “Love Song” with Gospel artist Carnell Murrell. Her latest project, Give Love (A Tribute to America) is a tribute to the tenacity of Americans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Her talented music is a source of much-needed positivity and hope during this time.

Dr. Wilson has stayed true to her primary principle throughout these uncertain times: Kingdom Living. Regardless of age, creed, or ethnicity, she ignites all to be the best possible person that they could be in touch with God. ENSPIRE celebrates Dr. Wilson as another one of the positive and faithful voices that are delivering communities through this pandemic. For more information on Dr. Wilson, please visit her website.