Lydia Nelson Builds Wholesale Empire With CScrubs With Love


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Female Entrepreneur Is Enabling Smaller Businesses To Thrive With Her Medical Scrubs Company

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Lydia Nelson worked her way up from the very bottom and has no intentions to stop. The Queens, New York native has paved her way as the entrepreneur and CEO of CScrubs With Love LLC. The wholesale retail company allows small businesses to sell Nelson’s medical scrubs, create their websites, and secure business licenses. The company has reached mega-success, amassing a gross of over 2 million dollars, and hopes to provide others with similar opportunities for success through sharing their knowledge from over the years.

Lydia Nelson’s ambition stems from a childhood of poverty and struggle. Growing up with a mentally-ill mother and ex-heroin addict father, who passed away from HIV when she was nine, Nelson found that she had to take control of her life from a young age and work hard for even the most basic of necessities. Her severe financial struggles and lack of guidance served to fuel her self-determination. Feeling unfulfilled as a certified nursing assistant, Nelson started her own company on a whim, purchasing a case of scrubs with only a few hundred dollars to her name and quickly selling them out within that same day. After many years as a successful retailer, Nelson expanded the company to give others opportunities to develop their businesses through her merchandise.

CScrubs With Love prides itself on providing high quality, high fashion healthcare apparel for medical workers across the world. The company provides both personal customer service and wholesale supply to other entrepreneurs, who then sell the clothing to medical facilities. During the trying times of COVID-19, CScrubs With Love’s sales have tripled, allowing them to donate thousands of dollars worth of protective equipment and scrubs for healthcare workers.

Nelson attributes the company’s prosperity to her constant drive to provide the best life for her family. “Struggles, growth, tears, and the lessons she’s learned” have all been invaluable in shaping her road to success. Nelson continues to develop innovative ways to lift small businesses off the ground and become financially free. With her foremost goal to give back and help others navigate their journeys, she offers that “success isn’t about what you can gain. It’s about what you can gain to be a blessing to someone else.”

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