Meet Serial Entrepreneur/Actor & YouTuber: Kyle Klaus


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Kyle Klaus Shares Insight About His Career and Latest Project

ENSPIRE Contributor: Lucas Raskin

Serial entrepreneur and actor Kyle Klaus has multiple businesses and acts in film and TV. Klaus has amassed a wide range of experience in his endeavors, and in the age of COVID-19, has adapted his own business as well as sharing his knowledge through his YouTube channel. Klaus has much to teach the next generation of dream chasers and seeks to dispel the notion that they have to be starving artists to be passionate about their work.

Born in Pottstown, Pa., 1982, Klaus got his start on set as a stand-in, moving to New York City to pursue acting full time. Today he can be seen in television shows like “The Blacklist,” “Billions,” “Homeland,” “Happy!” and “The Last O.G.” To see what other tv shows and movies Klaus is in, visit his IMDb. In addition to his acting career, Kyle has invested in real estate. Since 2006, he has exceeded $100,000,000 in sales. He presently runs Prestige Properties, his real estate firm, The North Pole, a kitchen accessory company, and his restaurant in Hoboken. 

In light of recent stay-at-home orders combatting COVID-19, Klaus has been growing his YouTube channel, in which he combines all of his expertise in acting, real estate and investing to make captivating and informative videos about his life and secrets to success. ENSPIRE has been in contact with Klaus and asked him a couple of questions about his latest endeavor. 

1. What is the usual breakdown of your time between acting and your businesses? How has COVID and your YouTube channel changed the balancing of your commitments? 

Well, considering that production was shut down months ago due to COVID, (and who knows when things will go back to normal; hopefully sooner than later), in the past months, I didn’t have to split between acting and my businesses. I focused all my attention on my businesses in the past months. But pre-COVID time management was essential for me. With everything that I have going on, I really need to stick to my calendar. Acting is pretty inconsistent. I might go weeks without an audition, and then one week I’ll have three. So I needed to adapt and be flexible. I don’t really do “to-do lists” anymore. Everything goes up on my schedule, and I dedicate time for each task: can be business stuff, or an audition, an acting workshop, a meeting … My YouTube channel is something I dedicate time to daily, and it kind of replaced auditions and the time spent on set shooting. Whether it’s an hour prepping for the video I’m going to be shooting the next, research, planning what I’m gonna say, wear or shooting the video itself. It’s all scheduling.

Kyle’s YouTube Channel

2. On your YouTube channel, you impart a lot of the financial knowhow that you’ve accumulated, and you emphasize second-nature behaviors that most people ignore, such as morning routines, the Law of Attraction and positive visualization. Please tell us what it’s been like reflecting on your success and turning that into a way to help others. What direction do you plan to take the channel in? 

It’s funny you say that. I do go over a lot of financial knowledge and second nature routines that are just part of my normal daily process right now. There are times when I second-guess myself and think quotation marks everyone probably knows this already quotation mark. However, I realize that basic financial knowledge and these morning routines, such as the law of attraction and other things of that nature, are not typical. Even if I practice them every day, it’s a great reminder to myself, and I believe anyone could benefit from hearing about them over and over again. As per the direction, I’m planning for my channel – I want this channel to be not only a mix of financial advice videos but eventually grow into a complete lifestyle and mentality platform. For now, I’m focusing mostly on the financial videos because that’s what I feel like people need the most, due to the current situation, but later I will include a bigger variety of topics. 

3. What lessons are you taking away from this pandemic to put into practice in post-COVID America? 

COVID made me discover new possibilities and learn new digital skills and embrace technology. I could have never imagined doing real estate in a virtual way. However, the other day I just had my first virtual sale. I actually met the buyers pre-COVID, but they were still shopping around. Until recently, when we got back in touch, and I took them on a “virtual showing,” and eventually closed the deal. So I think COVID forced us all to dig deep and find ways to adapt our business, our lives, the way we keep in touch with friends and family, the way we operate on a 360 scale.

4. Do you have any advice for dream chasers terrified at the notion of becoming the “starving artist?” 

There is no reason whatsoever you have to be a starving artist. Take the power into your own hands. Don’t listen to anyone. You can be a complete trendsetter. You can be a rich artist. You can be a millionaire before you’re ever fulfilled with your creative endeavors. You make or break the rules. Be a rule breaker and live by your own set of rules. Don’t let anyone project their own worries or fears onto you. Take advice only from those who you admire. I know it’s not easy, but I know anyone can do it. Just set yourself up for success.

“So looking back to the past half years, what I had planned coming into 2020, it’s exactly what I am executing right now. I just had to work extra harder, put an enormous amount of extra hours in research and learn the new situation and the current market, and also adapt technologically. But now the results are making it worth it, and my business is in great shape.” People like Klaus, who have years of experience with the hustle, are emerging as natural leaders during the pandemic. Look out for his next projects, and encouraging budding entrepreneurs on his YouTube channel.