“Don’t Stop the Wedding!” Creative Officiants Become “Lifesavers” in the Midst of a Pandemic


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) In the midst COVID-19, there are Wedding Officiants who care about their couple’s “Special Day” and Safety

Meet Reverend Saskia Dowell with Officiant 4 U; a Philadelphia based Wedding Officiant Service, serving couples in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Affectionately referred to as, “Reverend Saskia”, she is one of the most sought after Officiants in the midst of COVID-19.

Prior to COVID-19, Reverend Saskia met couples at high-class venues, beachfront homes, and even popular landmarks. Since COVID-19, she and her fellow Officiants, have become the “go-to”- for all things Virtual and Social Distancing on your special day.

“When couples call, we immediately tell them that we are only offering virtual services due to the Pandemic. We stress to them the importance of safety, even on their special day. Many of them have already committed to the thought of a Virtual Wedding. Some may still want to have a gathering at a location. Either way, we have family’s to protect. So, we talk about creative options.

Smartphones, laptop computer screens, desktop computer screens, or extra, extra, extra-large theater-style screens! We serve our clients VIRTUALLY! And our Virtual Weddings are beautiful!”

Many couples may think that a Virtual Wedding is impersonal, but this Officiant doubles as a “Virtual Wedding Assistant”. Reverend Saskia provides couples with creative ideas such as virtual backdrops and photos; personalized video invitations, virtual cocktail hour and reception ideas, etc…

For couples who want to invite loved ones to a location, Reverend Saskia encourages social distancing, masks, and small numbers.

“I speak to them from a standpoint of safety and truth. For those who insist on having people around them to celebrate their day, I stress safety. I offer help in mapping out their day, and stress the importance of cleaning, sanitizing…all of that.”

Many customized mask creators have started to cater to the wedding industry with exquisite masks for brides; matching “his” and “her” masks for the couple; and even masks for each guest as a safety precaution and a wedding souvenir. Individual bottles of “personalized” sanitizer have become a trend in wedding favors for the protection of all who attend.

“We are living in a time where safety should be our number one priority. A lot of the events we planned prior to COVID-19 can no longer happen, but we should still go on! Alternatives can be creative and not a burden. Thinking outside the box when it comes to your Wedding Day can be fun and even lighthearted. When couples come to me, they are already nervous. It is an Officiant’s job in 2020 to be that voice of reason, encourage safety, and get them married…..safely.”

To learn more about Officiant 4 U and their services, visit www.officiant4upa.com or call 267-968-5842.