Kristen Fenrick Creates Jewelry Company to Help Battered Women


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Kristen Fenrick Founded Klearly Kristen Jewelry Line to Help And Empower Women In Abusive Relationships.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

After suffering through an abusive relationship, Kristen Fenrick started her Klearly Kristen jewelry brand meant to inspire, empower, and help women in abusive relationships.

Klearly Kristen started back in 2015 when Kristen and her best friend found themselves in abusive relationships. They promised each other they would change their lives and improve their situation. Unfortunately, Kristen’s friend did not survive. Because of this, Kristen was even more determined to keep her promise of changing her life. She fought hard to build a name for herself and use her brand to help other women in the same situation she and her best friend were in.

It was not easy for Fenrick to start her jewelry brand, and she faced various obstacles to get where she is at right now. Forming contacts in the business was difficult, and when she started, she had no business plan in place. She needed to figure out cost estimates related to providers, vendors, and packaging designers. When Fenrick first met with investors, she was rejected, but this did not stop her. She used her past as motivation, and she started researching even more into what it takes to own a business.

After three years and a lot of hard work involving meetings and fashion shows, Fenrick’s line featured at the New York and Paris fashion week earlier this year. This was a huge step for her because seeing her jewelry brand worn by models in those fashion shows showed her just how far she had come.

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Apart from this huge leap into the fashion world, Fenrick has also started her show on the Promote Her network called EnStyle by Klearly Kristen.

Fenrick has not let anyone diminish her dreams, or steer her away from her goals, and she keeps that ambition and perseverance going. She sees success not as something a person has or accomplished, but she sees it as the ability to stick to a goal. The person needs to keep working towards what the person loves to do, no matter the obstacles, that is success.