Nicole Patterson Makes Health a Priority Within the Hair Care Industry


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Patterson Has Turned Personal Health Issues Into a Source of Success With Her All-Natural Hair Care Line, Mane Temptation

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Nicole Patterson is changing the landscape of hair products with Mane Temptation, her all-natural, handcrafted hair care line that promotes healthy solutions for all hair textures. Patterson has experienced firsthand the impact that changing to chemical-free products can have on a whole lifestyle, and hopes that her company will empower clients to look and feel their best through healthy options. 

As a graduate from Baylor University, Patterson is well acquainted with the struggles of hair maintenance on a budget. After countless years of seeking products that would accommodate her curls at a reasonable price, she began making her own hair extensions and at-home solutions in 2016, combining shea butter and natural oils to create pure products. A year later, Patterson’s quest for chemical-free, high-quality solutions became a necessity: she was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism. Realizing that the products she used for her hair played an even larger role in her overall health, Patterson was fueled to create a company that would help others and herself.

Mane Temptation’s initiative is spelled out by acronym: to Motivate women and men to look and feel their best, Accommodate their various needs, Nourish their hair, and Equip them with the knowledge for the best possible experience. The company supports a robust clientele through its many chemical-free products, including gels, oils, cleansers, and hair extensions sourced from Cambodia and Vietnam. 

“It’s a very important value of Mane Temptation to not just put out a great product, but to also share information that will help others understand why it’s a great product, how to recognize a great product, and how to improve the health of your hair and in turn your body,” explains Patterson. 

The young entrepreneur hopes that her company will prompt discussions about the needs of different types of hair and encourage transparency about what goes into beauty products. “I’d like to see the future of hair care products beginning to shift the focus off of just the look, and on to the actual health of the scalp and hair,” she says. “We really need to take back control of what we allow into our homes, and look at what is inside of those things we choose to allow into and onto our bodies.”

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