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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Celina Spookyboo Turned Her Obsession with the Paranormal World into A Variety of Successful Ventures

ENSPIRE Contributor: Miriam Rizzuto 

A passion for all things spooky and a wicked sense of humor have catapulted Celina Myers, aka Celina Spookyboo, to social media stardom. With over 21+ million followers on Tiktok, Celina is considered the queen of all things spooktacular. Celina has nurtured an organic connection with her followers, who consider her a friend and know they can always rely on her for a bit of escapism.

Already a popular comedic personality with millions of followers, when Celina started posting videos of her sleepwalking, they became so famous that she made the news worldwide and garnered over 800 million views for her nocturnal adventures. Besides TikTok, she has amassed 1.6+ million Instagram followers and almost half a million followers on YouTube.

Celina Spookyboo entrepreneurial spirit has turned her obsession with the paranormal world into a variety of successful ventures. She has authored three best-selling supernatural books, hosts her weekly podcast “The Haunted Estate,” and created an in-demand makeup and beauty line, BeautyXBoo.

After giving up on her dream of becoming a cop because she hated running, Celina held a series of jobs from hairdresser to factory worker. But it was as a comedic video creator that Celina found her true calling. Starting on the Vine app, Celina discovered she was a natural-born comedienne with videos that veer from G-rated’ dad’ jokes told to her ever-patient parents Jo-Ann and Zoly, brother, Joel, and husband, Adam, to a hilarious series of bathroom hidden camera videos.

Celina Spookyboo lip gloss for Holidays’ 2021.

A long-time expert on the paranormal world, she has written three best-selling fiction books, “The Home Reader,” “the Haunting of Clandestine House,” and “Blackwick Falls: The Marked Witch.” Her new book Hollow will be released later in Fall 2021. As a self-published author, Celina has sold over 100,000 highly ranked books on Amazon.

On her podcast, “The Haunted Estate,” Celina discusses a range of topics from haunted hotels to Halloween murders with an eclectic mix of guests. Celina also shares her writing with the podcast audience, from acting out short stories to reading from her books. Available on all podcast platforms, “The Haunted Estate” is ranked in the Top 25 comedy podcasts in the United States and the top 500 of all podcasts globally.

Celina’s passion for makeup and beauty products led her to start her own limited-edition line called BeautyXBoo. Her soon-to-be-released “Bite Me” cosmetic collection includes a 15 pan eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, lashes, highlighter stick, and makeup bag. In addition, she will launch her new “CelinaSpookyboo” eyeshadow palette for Holidays’ 2021.

Celina Spookyboo eyeshadow palette for Holidays’ 2021.

Celina’s persona has attracted brands looking to tap into her unique sense of humor and original video content with her highly-customized audience. She has worked with brands including Hulu, Kraft Foods, Paramount Pictures, Crocs, Nintendo, Cash App, and McCain Foods.

Growing up in an actual haunted house, Celina has lived with a passion for the paranormal for most of her life, so she expresses that passion in her everyday life. She drives around her Ontario, Canada town in a branded Cadillac hearse, drawing attention everywhere she goes. Her husband Adam was destined when a psychic told Celina that her true love’s name started with the letter A. From that moment on, Celina would only date men whose names began with that letter and meeting Adam; she knew he was the “A” she had been looking to find. Celina and Adam’s household is shared with their beloved dogs Molly and Gucci, who are both Havanese; Max a Great Swiss and Jax a Jack Russell, as well as, and their birds Boo, a Quaker parrot; Conure parrots, Pedro and Tucker; Olive, a Conure parrot; and Indie, a Budgie.

Celina is passionate about supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society as her mother has MS. She is involved in helping homeless people in her area and created the “Fill the Hearse With Love” campaign, which provided backpacks and essential items.

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