“Pedis And Mimosas” With Shannon Mack


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Shannon Mack Discusses Interview Series and Message She Wants to Leave With Audience

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Bronx native Shannon Mack has shown how a person can overcome adversity and obstacles to achieve their goals. Mack started her radio career when she graduated from Villanova University. During this time period, Mack was interning as a night show producer for Hot Boyz on Philly’s Power 99. This was her first introduction to radio, and it was not the last time she would be part of radio. Once Mack graduated with her undergrad degree, she started working for Delaware’s Kiss 101.7.

One of the biggest obstacles Shannon Mack had to face when she started her career was the lack of support from her family and friends. She started feeling like her dream was not worthy enough of being applauded. Mack eventually learned to be her own cheerleader and understand the lack of recognition was a reflection on others, and it was not a reflection of her. It was these ideas, and the strong belief in her dream, that made her transition from the East Coast to the West Coast smooth and unproblematic. 

Because of her previous experiences, Shannon Mack wants to leave her audience with one strong, resounding message, “Self-awareness!” This is the key to change and becoming a better you every day!” Being self-aware can lead to self-growth and a brighter future for many people. This type of acknowledgment of self is the main reason behind her celebrity interview series “Pedis and Mimosas.” She wants her audience to be aware of what goes on behind the celebrity glamour and who these celebrities really are. This includes their fears, struggles, and the role God plays in their lives. 

Mack believes life is about growth and evolution, and she has a few tips for people who are just taking their steps towards their dream career. The most important one is to not become overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once. Keep the main goal in mind and break it apart into small doable steps. When it is set up this way Mack believes the goal is more attainable. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” said Mack. 

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