A Breath of Fresh Air: “Nancy Drew’s” Aadila Dosani Talks Representation and Purpose

Photo by Farrah Aviva

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Aadila Dosani, Newest Cast Member on The CW’s, “Nancy Drew”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Halima McDoom

Canadian actress, Aadila Dosani, stars as Amanda Bobbsey in The CW television series, “Nancy Drew.” Leaning into its second season, the drama carries its cast into new adventures, unforeseen romances, and a slew of mysteries to uncover. Aadila’s character is one of the newest additions to the show. With her humorous banter and pursuit of honest relationships, Amanda adds a lighter note to the show’s eerie undertones. “Amanda shakes things up this season … she is full of hope for a better life for her and Gil. She wants to experience the world, belong, have meaningful friendships, and experience love”, Aadila says.

The CW’s reimagined “Nancy Drew” allows for a world of conscious and relevant changes. One remarkable difference from the original version is the diversity of the cast. Notably, the Bobbsey Twins are of South Asian descent. What struck Aadila about this casting decision was not the intentionality behind it, but the normalization of it. In her words, “What I love the most is that our incredible showrunners and writers have written these two incredibly deep, sensitive, ‘searching for purpose’ humans as just that. There is no alluding to us being South Asian, no explanation, no backstory about our heritage. We simply just live in the Drew Universe. That is the win.” The inclusion of people of color across all genres and mediums is always a cause for celebration. It is only when this has become the expectation rather than the exception, that change is truly realized.

Photo by Farrah Aviva

Aadila rose into the actress she is today. Her interest in performing bloomed during her childhood. “I remember always being glued to the TV watching Bollywood films and talent shows… but it all truly began when my parents… put me into a weekend Community Theatre Program. It was like night and day. I found my happy place, and that’s where I knew I wanted to just sing and dance and make people laugh,” Aadila says. Growing up in an immigrant-led household, where materialistic possessions were few, Aadila adds, “I would always take it upon myself to transport my family into a world where they could just forget about all the frustrations of real-life … making them smile fueled me. Still does.” Her career has been a beautiful tribute to this.

“Nancy Drew” airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT on The CW. Aadila is also on the Canadian mini series, “Unspeakable” and Lionsgate’s, “The Right One.” Keep up with Aadila on Instagram and Twitter.