Founder of Rich Girl Collective Tiffany Williams Inspires Women To Reach Success By Building Their Own Empire


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Williams Has Made It Her Personal Mission To Help Women Turn Their Passions Into Profitable Lifestyle Businesses 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Re’Dreyona Walker

Many women dream of achieving success on their own terms—meaning no more settling for low pay at a typical 9-5 job or dealing with strict office politics and insanely long work hours. But running a profitable business is quite the journey, and in order to start a new business venture, it will take much strength, patience and dedication—and also some encouraging words from like-minded individuals to keep the motivation going. 

It can be extremely hard to step out on faith and go for what you want to become successful, but New Orleans native Tiffany Williams made it possible for herself when she left her full-time job to start an e-commerce business. From this, she created a platform called the Rich Girl Collective—where she gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurial women who have been inspired by her success and want to learn how to build an online empire of their own.

Photo: Tiffany Williams. Courtesy of Forbes/Rich Girl Collective

Williams had a slight advantage when starting her business, as she has earned a B.A. in business management and marketing from Dillard University, a private, historically Black university in New Orleans in 2002 as well as an MBA in technology management from the University of Phoenix in 2004. She says even that though her education has helped prepare her in some ways for her entrepreneurial journey, most of her success stemmed from applying those learned university skills to building a firm foundation and business flow.

“My education and research taught me how to put my brand together, and gave me the book smarts that I needed to build Rich Girl Collective,” said Williams. “However, it was the application that gave me my true education on how to grow and maintain my business flow. One thing I will always tell people, you need the book knowledge and the wisdom acquired from application in order to succeed.”

Williams didn’t always know that she would one day become an entrepreneur, but once she left her full-time job to pursue her own business, she knew she wanted something that would provide more financial stability. The potential to be laid off or work at a dead-end, ‘going nowhere’ job wasn’t something that Williams wanted to deal with any longer—but it wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina hit her hometown of New Orleans, and facing a life-altering cancer diagnosis that she knew she needed to take on creating a new career for herself and her dream lifestyle. 

Photo: The official Rich Girl Collective logo

As a Yorkie enthusiast (she has an adorable, photo-ready Yorkie named Prada), she created a Yorkie-themed t-shirt business in 2012 that swiftly profited millions within three years. After seeing how much success she was gaining, and how many women were coming to her for advice on how to start and grow their own online businesses, she began coaching and helping women on how to make their passions profitable. Since creating the online consulting group, she has helped over 30,000 women create their dream ventures and grown her brand into a million-dollar business.

“There were rumors of layoffs in my company,” said Williams. “Just months before my wedding, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. After the storm, like many others, I didn’t have the option to return to work and knew at that moment that I never wanted to be in that situation. I had lost everything, and from that experience, I knew I needed a recession-proof job, so I embarked on a t-shirt, e-commerce business. Within a few years, it grew into a multi-million dollar company, and I was able to quit my job. Now, I love helping women from all over do the same.”

Photo: Tiffany Williams

With The Rich Girl Collective, its methods include a monthly membership that offers weekly digital training, coaching, accountability and results in their business while building a true sisterhood with over 40K entrepreneurial-minded women nationwide. Through the private Facebook group, Williams answers questions from members about how to run a profitable, online business and provides a platform for women to connect, share ideas, lend support, ask questions and give feedback. The group has even been considered as one of the “Top Online Facebook Communities for Female Entrepreneurs.”

The corresponding online membership called R.I.C.H. Girl Academy revolves around advice on relationships, investments and entrepreneurship, community and health and wellness, and works to teach women how to create healthy lives and bank accounts. The academy is specifically designed to help entrepreneurial women to grow and scale an online product business through masterclasses and training on branding, marketing, pricing, budgets, and more. 

For the R.I.C.H. Girl Academy membership, there is also a “Ask the Expert” series that includes asking a group of powerhouse women in the industry about their expertise in all areas of life, such as health, fitness, hair care and beauty just to name a few. As a member of the academy, there is an opportunity to access all of these training sessions and expert interviews at a monthly investment of $37 a month.

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Williams’ official Facebook page

Williams has been a full-time entrepreneur for the past seven years, and now owns four profitable businesses—one of which is an agency she started in 2013 called Buzz Social Media Marketing, where she helps businesses build their brand, bring in new potential clients, increase client retention and craft solutions for businesses to grow through social media strategy. She says that she is working to build a brand for her daughter, and wants to continue to grow Rich Girls Collective into a digital powerhouse.

“I am currently building out a brand for my daughter, Storie Williams,” said Williams. “But other than that, I am building Rich Girl Collective to be a digital learning powerhouse for women entrepreneurs everywhere. We will continue to grow the R.I.C.H Girl movement and to continue being God’s vehicle to uplift and empower women around the world—And what can be bigger than THAT?”

And as for some advice to women who are considering joining the group and/or membership, she says, “If I were you, I wouldn’t wait. We are helping countless women build their desired futures and generate 9-5 salaries with our foolproof system, so don’t put off being a part of this movement!”

More about Tiffany Williams and the Rich Girl Collective can be found through her website as well as her official Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also find the Rich Girl Collective Facebook group here.