Benedict College Modernizes Campus


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) MD Energy Advisors and Siemens Team Up To Assist College Campus Community

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Benedict College is a private historically Black college and university (HBCU) that is a co-educational liberal arts institution. Benedict College was ranked as one of the top baccalaureate colleges in the nation by Washington Monthly magazine for creating social mobility and producing cutting-edge scholarship and research. In 2019, Benedict College received the 2019 ACE/ Fidelity Investments Awards for Institutional Transformation and was named the HBCU of the Year by HBCU Digest. As of now, Benedict College will receive a new makeover. MD Energy Advisors (MDEA) and Siemens recently partnered to support campus modernization initiatives for this institution. 

Part of this initiative is through support, cleanliness, comfort, and an environment good for current and prospective students. These organizations are making a collaborative effort since 2021 to outline high-quality academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programming, intentionally designed to develop superior cultural and professional competencies for a diverse student body. MDEA is helping through utility and financing energy solutions. Paul Clary is the co-founder of MDEA and is a huge supporter of HBCUs. According to Clary, “As a HBCU graduate, this collaboration and project mean so much to me and the entire team at MD Energy Advisors.

Benedict College Reconstruction

We look forward to witnessing firsthand the impact these modernization initiatives have on the current student body and faculty and prospective students for years to come.” Siemens will focus on infrastructure, healthcare, and transportation. According to Michele Mitch-Peterson, Account Executive, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA, “It was our honor to serve as an ally to the team at Benedict College to support this initiative.” 

ENSPIRE had the pleasure of interviewing Co-Founder of MD Energy Advisors, Paul Clary, Energy Transformation Executive of Siemens, Michele Mitch-Peterson, and President & CEO of Benedict College, Roslyn Clark Artis, to discuss the improvements being made at Benedict College for the school environment.

Can you give us some details on what types of changes will be made within Benedict College?

Benedict College, a highly regarded and exceptionally ranked Historically Black College and University (HBCU) serving students since 1870, has reinforced the college’s continued commitment to students and the community via campus improvements to support higher education opportunities. The initiative commenced with construction in spring 2023 and is part of a larger initiative to transform Benedict’s campus.

In just a few months, the plan that has been carefully developed to maximize alignment and incorporation of best practices will transition into on-campus implementation. This will support the college’s vision to be a leader in providing transformative learning experiences for a diverse student body. 

What does MD Energy Advisors specialize in and how will this affect campus life?

MD Energy Advisors is a client-centric energy management firm providing solutions to utilities, private companies, and higher education clients. Since 2010, the Company has identified opportunities to reduce energy-related operating expenses, outlined and implemented strategies that improve environmental impact, and provided financial vehicles to help execute these strategies for customers throughout the country. The company focuses on financial solutions, utility solutions, and commercial solutions for clients across the country.

MD Energy Advisors’ solutions have demonstrated improved quality and cost savings, including identifying innovative financing solutions for energy-related projects that meet clients’ strategic and funding needs. For more information, please visit

MDEA is known for its energy reduction strategies and environmental impact, are there any areas you will focus on within the Benedict College campus?

In just a few months, the plan that has been carefully developed to maximize alignment and incorporation of best practices will transition into on-campus implementation. This will support the college’s vision to be a leader in providing transformative learning experiences for a diverse student body.

The modernization program includes the development of comprehensive infrastructure improvements campus-wide including, but not limited to:

·        Improving indoor air quality

·        Enhancing comfort with a focus on the dormitories

·        Supporting energy-efficient and sustainable operations

·        Reducing ongoing energy, operations, and maintenance costs

What does Siemens specialize in and how will this affect campus life?

“Siemens collaborates with campuses and others such as MD Energy Advisors to deliver the optimal infrastructure improvements and solutions, strategies, and services focusing key on energy savings and a path to decarbonization. With our dedicated teams working for higher education. We specifically understand the challenges that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) face and coordinate with their leadership to deliver meaningful impact beyond infrastructure with value-added programming such as workforce development, education to career and living labs.” 

Benedict College Air Quality Improvements

Siemens focuses on the environment, infrastructure, and transport, what is your strategy and areas you plan to use to improve Benedict College campus?

“Each institution is unique with its own objectives and challenges along with varying other complexities for consideration. While Siemens offers industry-leading technologies, solutions, and services, it all begins with building a strong understanding of a broad range of elements. 

In close partnership with both MDEA and the college’s stakeholders, Siemens has developed campus-wide upgrades on this project to deliver energy savings, solve critical infrastructure needs, and implement measures that enhance living and learning environments for students, faculty, and staff.”

What would you say is important when it comes to a great campus environment?

Our priorities as it relates to a great campus environment include a campus that is clean, comfortable, and connected. Clean really refers to curb appeal.  Despite aging infrastructure, our goal is always to fully maintain and preserve the buildings on campus to the best of our ability. 

It goes without saying that a stable wireless infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology are required on a college campus. That leaves comfort. This is where MD Energy Advisors and Siemens emerge as excellent partners. Many of our buildings have a less than airtight building envelope. HVAC systems are decoupled and are at varying stages of disrepair. 

As global warming continues, it is more important than ever before to manage our HVAC systems and air quality. Our partners worked diligently to design solutions that were tailor made for our environment.

The partnership began with a comprehensive analysis and led to a phased approach designed to improve the comfort and quality of our living and learning spaces. We are currently in Phase 1, which includes multiple upgrades which will enhance comfort and air quality while generating energy savings for our institution. This is the essence of the partnership, and we look forward to continuing our progress.

Furthermore, in just a few months they could create these solutions for this new modern campus environment: improving indoor air quality, enhancing comfort with a focus on the dormitories, supporting energy-efficient and sustainable operations, and reducing ongoing energy, operations, and maintenance costs.

 According to the Benedict College President, CEO, JD, EdD, Roslyn Clark Artis, “We are committed to this initiative, to our community, to our students, to our staff, and to our industry. We hope our actions will support the decision-making processes of fellow HBCUs as we all strive to be the best we can be, Just as students look to educators to support the next step on their journey, we looked to our trusted teammates, Siemens, and MD Energy Advisors, to guide us in order for us to make the most informed and best decisions for our students.”

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate and master’s degrees accredited by Benedict College. Improvements in the construction will begin in the Spring of 2023. Visit Benedict College for more information. Interested in MDEA and Siemons, follow the LinkedIn pages of Michele Mitch-Peterson and Paul Clary. Last, if you want to connect with the President of Benedict College reach out to Roslyn Artis.

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