Sherrie Williams’ Black-Owned Natural Hair Care Line Is Considered To Be “The Home Of Healthy Hair”


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Simplistic BSC Makes The Journey To Healthy Hair Much More Simple

ENSPIRE Contributor: Re’Dreyona Walker

Becoming natural can be quite the struggle, as there are so many products, articles, and hours worth of YouTube videos that are easy for anyone starting out on their new hair journey to binge and over-consume—and it can just as easily confuse anyone about whether they are doing the right methods or using the right products. Because of this, it can get very overwhelming and hard for someone to know for certain if they are on the right path to healthy hair. 

But Sherrie Williams, CEO, and creator of Simplistic BSC, certainly shows that she knows a thing or two about the process of healthy, natural hair and the struggles to not only accept one’s natural hair but to find the confidence to celebrate it as well. With over 20 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and since creating Simplistic BSC, Williams has helped several women, men, and children in their healthy hair and natural hair journey and has created a simplified process to make healthy hair care attainable to everyone.

Photo: Courtesy of Sherrie Williams

Early on in her cosmetology career, Williams realized that many hair care aisles and options were growing yet becoming more complicated to navigate. She also noticed that many of the healthy, natural hair products placed on the shelves were actually doing more harm than good because it targeted them at women who didn’t really understand what was in them and how to properly use them. She then determined that there was a desperate need for products that were free of harmful chemicals and that would keep our natural hair healthy and not cause any damage.

She then created Simplistic BSC with a vision to simplify healthy hair care and make it more attainable, as it can often take hours to wash, condition, detangle, and moisturize natural hair—and learning how to manage healthy hair on your own can feel quite difficult. “My goal was to provide products that make the journey to healthy hair simple and easy to do at home,” said Williams. “I was able to create products that are only a one-step process, making it great to use at home.”

Simplistic BSC offers a variety of products that include shampoos, conditioners, curl custard and pudding, daily moisturizer, leave-in detangler and conditioner, edge control, and more. Though these natural hair care products are mainly aimed at women of color, Williams has created many products with the entire family in mind, as there are also lines specifically aimed for men, children, and coily hair textures (4a-4c). There are also treatment products for those who suffer from alopecia. “We have several clients that have seen hair growth results just from using our treatment products for alopecia,” said Williams. 

Photo: The official logo for Simplistic BSC (though the brand will be rebranding its look soon!) Courtesy of Sherrie Williams

As an award-winning master stylist, her extensive client roster includes celebrities and news journalists such as Dr. Heavenly Kimes from Married to Medicine, comedian Kelly Kellz, actress Cocoa Brown, and news journalist Carole Meekins from WTMJ-4 Milwaukee. But her work goes far beyond the time she spends in the salon, as she takes the time to offer free classes to mothers and children on how to manage and maintain their healthy hair—and has been featured in local news for her outstanding efforts in her Milwaukee community.

As for the advice she gives to mothers, children and men on how to manage and maintain their healthy hair, she says that the process will take time and to practice patience, because there won’t be any results overnight. She also says that it will take unwavering commitment and consistency to stick to your routine and not give up because eventually you will see results. It just won’t be immediate.

Photo: A few of Simplistic BSC’s products. Courtesy of Sherrie Williams

“In my classes, I always go into depth about the hair care process and how to DIY your hair right at home healthy and safely,” said Williams. “I also say that patience is key. The hair care process is just that—it’s a process and it won’t happen overnight. Give yourself grace as you begin managing your hair at home and maintaining it too. Also, be consistent. Both men and women need to remember that once you start your process, stick to it. It’ll become a part of your routine which will eventually work out in your favor, especially once you start to see results.”

Williams’ goals for expanding Simplistic BSC even further within the near future include engaging in more vendor events, which she says have played a huge part in attaining exposure for the brand, as well as working to gain more visibility through social media. The hairstylist currently has a huge following in Milwaukee and Indianapolis and desires to expand beyond her reach locally. “I also plan to do more speaking engagements and partnering with other companies and hair influencers,” said Williams.

They currently sell her hair products both online via the official Simplistic BSC website and through Milwaukee Area Technical College’s cosmetology school in Milwaukee, WI. You can also view more about Williams and her brand via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.