Forever Fit By Jole Is Making Fitness More Accessible


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Forever Fit by Jole Is Changing How We Care For Our Bodies

ENSPIRE Contributor: Halima McDoom

Forever Fit by Jole is a new wellness initiative created by Canadian trainer, Jole Gravesande. With years of experience in the rehabilitation industry, Jole is revolutionizing how we care for and preserve our bodies; the objective being to love the bodies we call home. Forever Fit offers a range of exercise routines, workout plans, and virtual classes. The platform is marked by its accessibility and indiscriminate nature.

Forever Fit is for all body types, with different capabilities. Jole’s foundation in rehabilitative care has deepened her understanding of the human body, in that its aesthetics come second to its functionality and health. Through this platform, Jole is single-handedly changing the landscape of what society believes to be beautiful, worthy, and capable. Here, all bodies are ideal and deserving of care.

Can you tell me more about your personal fitness/wellness journey? What did you learn that you’re able to teach today?

I started on my own fitness journey since adolescence. Playing soccer, cycling, and being outdoors was the norm for me growing up. In my early adult years, I took up jogging and weight training. Jogging became a habitual daily routine. Running gave me a natural high. I noticed the physical transformation of my body and loved it. The sense of satisfaction I felt from achieving my personal fitness goals I set out for myself built my self-esteem and confidence. I began researching natural food sources that would supplement my workouts, and that I also enjoyed eating. Making lifestyle changes can be a little intimidating and challenging if you are not prepared to do the work. I learned that by educating myself I had the right information on how I can make my health and wellness my lifestyle. I have the knowledge of what foods to eat and the importance of daily exercise to maintain my mental and physical health. That is something I share with everyone I cross paths with.  

Did you begin this journey of caretaking and healing in the trauma unit or earlier? What inspired you to become a rehabilitation professional?

I am a nurturing person by nature. I enjoy helping people and I find pleasure in knowing I can be of purpose. I have always been interested in health/fitness along with my love of connecting with people. Deciding to get into rehabilitation only made sense to me. I knew it was an occupation that would allow me to work with patient’s goals to restore their functional ability. Seeing the progress of people I help and understanding the demands of good health have inspired me to become a rehabilitation professional.  

Why did you start Forever Fit? What makes this platform different from other fitness outlets?

I started Forever Fit because I wanted to design a fitness program that would allow people a way to maintain or get started on their fitness journey without fear or concern of their fitness level. I want people to know that Forever Fit is for anybody that is looking to move their body safely through space. I will be your travel guide to helping you reach your destination. My job is to understand your goals and work with you to help you achieve them. I allow clients to share their needs with me. I explain how I can create a program that will cater to their goals. I have the rehabilitation skillset that separates me from other Pilates studios. Clients feel more comfortable working with me because they know I can find ways to modify their program if needed.

In your opinion, having worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years, is there anything that needs to be improved in how wellness professionals impart their care? If so, how have you changed the course?

In my years of experience in the fitness industry, I see the need for Holistic care. Holistic care should be the approach when you are hired or assigned the task of helping an individual achieve their fitness or rehabilitation goals. The importance of treating the person as a whole: mind, body, and spirit play a huge role in that person’s recovery. I make it my duty to interview my clients initially so I can have a full understanding of how I can fulfill their needs with my program. Building a rapport with your client helps build trust and allows clients to feel understood.

I imagine that your role in rehabilitation has called you to work with different body types, with different capabilities. Does this experience inform the services you offer at Forever Fit?

Forever Fit is a place where Body Positivity is highly emphasized. I want people to know that everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. There is no discrimination of age, sex, race, fitness level or body type. We are a place of unity, all trying to achieve our own personal fitness goals. 

What is your definition and approach to self-care?

My definition of Self-care is how I treat myself to ensure that I am not left undone. Whether it is making time for a long warm bath or treating myself to takeout it’s something that I include in my weekly regime as needed to allow for balance.

What advice would you give to anyone embarking on a fitness journey?

The advice I would give anyone that is looking to embark on their fitness journey is to start by visiting their Doctor for a physical. That would allow you to prioritize your goals. The initial step is making the conscious decision that you are ready for a lifestyle change. Education is key to understanding the importance of how good health and fitness play a role in mental and physical wellbeing.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person and studio classes are temporarily suspended. However, Forever Fit by Jole is still offering virtual classes for only $15 each. To learn more about this platform and its resources, visit the website at Forever Fit by Jole.