MOMpreneur Gerrika Bunche, Paving The Way For Millennial Moms


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Gerrika Bunche Is Redefining What Being A Mom Is, Promoting The MOMprenuer Mindset

ENSPIRE Contributors: Alisha Durosier

Gerrika Bunche, also known as Rika B, is a serial entrepreneur passionate about inspiring and empowering women to defy society’s “just a mom” stereotype. Rika B founded Childish, an international brand, and headquarters for dope shirts, in 2015 and has since been a #MamaOnTheGrind, a MOMpreneur.

She graduated from NC Central University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2010. Her HBCU Love Story, friendships, and experience have all played a part in her achievement. We can find parts of her beloved NCCU in every element of her life—love, business, and family. And to top things off, she is proud to be #NCCUMade.


With her business cap on, Rika B created what she hoped existed and established Mom Redefined in January 2017 after multiple moments of desiring a space to network with other moms in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area who are balancing babies and business as well. Mom Redefined is a platform that encourages mothers to pursue their aspirations as zealously as they chase their children. The Lounge NC opened at Raleigh’s Triangle Town Center Mall because of this fantastic venture. The Mom Lounge is a one-stop shop for Mamas on the Go, with co-working spaces, exclusive shopping with MOMpreneur, Mommy ThinkTanks, and much more.

Rika B currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband Terrence Sr and their two children, Terrence II (Deuce) and Taylor (Bee). She balances it all as a God-fearing lady hooked to random dance wars with Deuce, blowing bubbles with Bee, Target runs, traveling, and all things fun and random. Rika B is constantly rooting for every Mom and doing everything she can to pave the way for a new generation of millennial mothers – MOMpreneur.

For more information of Gerrika “Rika B” Bunche, visit her website here.

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