BIPOC-Owned Talent Agency Announces Music Division


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) The BIPOC-Owned Jackson Agency Launches the Wright Music Division Led by Kareen Wright

ENSPIRE Contributor: Marianna Poletti Reyes

With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, Kareen Wright, from the southside of Chicago, joins BIPOC-Owned The Jackson Agency in June of 2020 after graduating from being an agent-trainee in Tiauna Jackson’s “Black Agents Training Academy.” Kareen has been successful in his career as an indie hip-hop artist, poet, songwriter, freestyle battle rapper, and trained multi-instrumentalist. His success also comes from the management of several independent artists, DJs, hosts, personalities, and film creatives. 

The Jackson Agency was founded in 2014 out of necessity. It is a BIPOC-owned full-service talent agency focusing on minimizing the marginalization corporations have made of the contributions Black people have on the community by creating an environment that embraces equity in the workplace. Because Black representation matters, the first step is showing that Black people are educated and qualified to be a part of the industry. Hollywood didn’t embrace diversity, so The Jackson Agency will. Now, with Kareen Wright being promoted from an agent, The Jackson Agency is launching the Wright Music Division as an addition to their agency led by Kareen.

The Wright Music Division will bring a fresh, independent, and creative influence to music and other multimedia opportunities and launch the careers of individuals who are often discarded by other labels, studios, or agencies. The Jackson Agency plans to be the voice of those artists and curators of their careers and to provide a platform for the creatives, especially those who are international, local, unrepresented, underserved, or underestimated. The music of those artists will be heard by the masses and earn their well-deserved revenue for the hard work and time they have put into their artwork.

Although most labels have a Black music division or hip-hop and R&B department, most White artists will still be pushed for a larger audience. Black artists are often discarded, or their music will be viewed as a separate form. The new Wright Music Division will fight against the societal construct that has been created in the media industry and will provide the assistance needed for underrepresented artists to shine and express themselves through the music they created for the world to hear.

For more information on The Jackson Agency, you can find their website here. Artists and musicians can contact Mr. Kareen Wright at for more information.