Paula Panagouleas Creates Mental Health Wellness App Karmascore


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) Karmascore, An App That Quantifies Relationships

ENSPIRE Contributor: Shelsea Deravil

Karmascore offers a revolutionary way to measure the quality of interpersonal relationships. The app allows users to quantify their experiences with entries that they rate. By quantifying, “users create memories for a specific relationship and can score that memory on a scale from -100 to 100,” CEO and Founder Paula Panagouleas Miller said. “[With] a brief description of the memory as well, including pictures, video, and documents, the app then creates and aggregates the scores across the memories to generate a Karmascore displayed on a line graph. This score allows users to track the trajectory of each relationship.” Karmascore aims to help people surround themselves with those who uplift them. In addition, people gain the courage to move towards healthier connections. 

When asked what propelled her to create Karmascore, Miller responded, “I was on a walk with my husband talking about the events of the day. I mentioned to him that a friend of mine was going through a bad breakup in our conversation. Given. the financial and emotional costs of the breakup, I couldn’t help but think that there may have been red flags that could have alerted her to get out of the relationship sooner. I realized it would be beneficial if there were an app that would allow people to monitor the health of their interpersonal relationships. With that, the idea for Karmascore was born.” 

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