Eliminate Fear of Saying “I Don’t Know”


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) Erasing The Negative Thinking Of Saying “I Don’t Know” In Order To Reach Success

ENSPIRE Contributor: Naomi Stamps

Today, most people are afraid of saying these three words: I don’t know. Unfortunately, this is thanks to the notion that we have to “fake it ‘til we make it” to prevent embarrassing situations and impress others. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen confused looks on my peers’ faces when they were asked, “Are there any questions.” However, I don’t wholly blame others for their fear of saying, “I don’t know.” 

Some people expect others to quickly grasp their teaching methods, despite how confusing it can be for others. Because of this, those learning feel intimidated by those who are bothered by those who are still confused on how to perform tasks. As a result, those learning feel something’s wrong with their understanding, remain silent, and struggle in silence to avoid feeling less than. The truth is, a new way of teaching might need to be implemented. Instead of focusing on impressing someone or fearing judgment, we should boldly say “I don’t know” to enhance our knowledge. Pretending to know something only hinders our growth and wastes another’s time and yours. 

Courtesy of Max Fischer from Pexels.

“I don’t know” doesn’t mean “I’m not smart like anyone else.” Instead, it displays your honesty about your weaker areas and your willingness to learn more. Realistically, we’re not born knowing everything about life, desired career fields, or other essential skills. As long as we’re alive, we’ll continue to learn something new regularly. If someone needs to make something plainer to you, don’t be afraid to mention that you don’t understand. Don’t allow those teaching you to intimidate and prevent you from asking all questions needed. 

Understandably, certain people show their aggravation when faced with many questions. They might not realize how confusing their instructions are (which is why it’s essential to speak up). If someone limits their amount of help when you say “I don’t know,” don’t stop looking for answers. Reach out to others if necessary and conduct your own research. You don’t have to stay in the dark just because a particular person is too hot-headed to help you. After all, we have to understand in order to do something correctly entirely. 

Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

Back in my school days, a relative tried to convince me that saying “I don’t know” would make people think I do not know anything. This same relative would rather struggle for hours trying to do something rather than seek help from someone. We cannot allow how others perceive us to stop our progress. Continue to seek answers and grow in your knowledge. It may seem like others around you know everything, but remember that some pretend to make themselves look good. 

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