Kristina Peck is Building a Digital Marketing Empire


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Kristina Peck Uses Her Skills to Create Herself a Digital Marketing Brand to Help Companies Improve Their Social Media and Digital Footprint

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

Few are making a name for themselves in the digital media world quite like Kristina Peck. A former nurse, Peck has come a long way in her journey to becoming an entrepreneur. After becoming a top seller with a national MLM, she started her own digital marketing firm to help other business owners create and curate their own distinct voice and branding. 

It’s no secret that in our digital age, online and social media marketing can make or break a business. Peck is here to help businesses ‘make!’ She helps businesses identify and market to their target audiences, elevates companies’ digital footprints, runs social media marketing campaigns, and more. Since its creation in 2020, her business has turned a profit of more than $50,000. 

Photo: Kristina Peck

Besides being a businesswoman herself, she looks to uplift other women in business. She has even started her own digital magazine to highlight the hard-working women across the nation. 

Kristina Peck recently sat down to tell ENSPIRE a bit about her business, her tips & tricks, and her journey to success:

Photo: Kristina Peck

Tell us a little about what it was like to start a business during the pandemic. What strategies have helped you the most? What have been the roadblocks and successes?

I had a $0 startup fund. I didn’t have a bunch of money to launch my business so I had to get creative. I kept a positive mindset and outlook and reassured myself that not having a start-up loan or grant is fine. Although many digital marketing channels like blogs, email newsletters, and social media are free or low-cost, when you’re trying to grow your business during the pandemic, you must be strategic about the time and resources you dedicate to your marketing efforts. I carefully and strategically planned my marketing campaigns to ensure I was getting the most “bang for my buck” while advertising my new business. 

What is the most important advice you have for women who want to follow in your footsteps?

Leave the “Imposter Syndrome” at the door! There are going to be days when you feel like you aren’t qualified or aren’t good enough to be running a business, there are days when you’re going to feel like you’re failing as a Mother/Wife, etc, but take those days in stride. You are absolutely good enough and powerful enough to be running your own company. 

I think we can all agree that in the digital age, marketing and aesthetics are extremely important to the success of any online-based business. How have you created a brand?

Every brand starts with a carefully curated story. My business, for example, was built upon my story of perseverance and ambition. I was a Nurse for almost 6 years and dropped my Career to start a Marketing Agency with no experience. Creating a solid brand story gives you the first stepping stone to starting your brand. Your colors, logo, and other design factors should stem off of your story to create a cohesive look for your brand. 

What was your inspiration behind starting your own digital magazine highlighting female entrepreneurs and executives?

I was looking for magazines to pitch myself to actually and noticed there are lots of magazines out there but there are only a few magazines geared towards women in business. 

I decided I wanted to give women a chance to share their powerful messages. This is their chance to share their stories and tips they’ve learned about business.

Last, how do you balance life — motherhood, friendships, being a wife — with running your own business?

I set strict business hours and stick to them. I think “hustler harder” is terrible advice. I work 10 am-4 pm Monday-Thursday. Anything outside of those hours is 100% dedicated to my family-whether it is my husband and kids or my parents. During those hours I don’t work and everyone has my undivided attention. You will 100% drive yourself nuts if you work 40+ hours a week and still try to fit in family time. You’ll find yourself on your phone during Sunday dinners instead of enjoying a nice hot meal-and it’s not worth it!

Photo: Kristina Peck

In the world of hustle culture and dozens of new entrepreneurs every day, Peck stands out as someone who is both grounded and successful. She works not only for her own benefit, but to help other women like herself succeed. 

To visit Peck’s website, click here!

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