Winter4Kids Helps Kids Experience Winter Sports


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Winter4Kids Brings the Sports of the Winter Olympics to Underprivileged Kids to Provide Them Opportunities Without the High Cost

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

The recent Winter Olympics have inspired people across the country to try their hand at winter sports — but these sports can be very inaccessible to people in underprivileged areas! Winter sports equipment is expensive, not to mention the costs of proper attire and formal lessons. For a lot of kids, living up to their Winter Olympic idols can feel impossible for these reasons. That is where Winter4Kids comes in!

Winter4Kids is a New Jersey program born to not only train children in winter sports but teach them about healthy lifestyles and help them ‌cultivate a passion for athletics. W4K believes that all kids, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, race, or any other factors, should be able to have access to the world of winter sports.

Photo: Winter4Kids

Since being created in 2015, W4K has nurtured over 10,000 little winter athletes! They are provided with lessons, clothing, healthy meals, equipment, mentoring, and more. It is more than all you need to develop a genuine love for the sport of your choosing. 

W4K works to help kids lead healthy lifestyles by teaching them about nutrition, alternative options, and healthy foods. The kids even get to practice culinary activities. They also take a holistic approach to health, teaching kids about mental and physical health besides just nutritional health. This takes the form of helping them with their self-esteem and attitudes towards athletics.

Photo: Winter4Kids

By partnering with over 73 local schools and youth organizations, W4K can reach and impact the lives of kids all across the state. They are given the opportunity to try a sport for two years via a multi-session program, then upon completion, can choose whether they would like to ‌master the sport of their choosing. 

Children entering the Winter4Kids program can expect to be warmly welcomed and accepted into a community that values empathy.

Photo: Winter4Kids

Visit the Winter4Kids website here!

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