Revolutionary Beauty: Holistic Health and Wellness Book


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) Julia Loggins and Patricia Bragg Collaborate on a New Holistic Approach to Women’s Beauty 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Emma Foster

Julia Loggins launched her new book, Revolutionary Beauty, on February 1, 2022. The ex-wife of musician Kenny Loggins based her book on experiences with allergies and other health issues. By using holistic means inspired by the Bragg Health Lifestyle Library, Julia overcame her struggles. Her book details the seven-step plan she developed to find revolutionary healing.

Patricia Bragg Books, an imprint of Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Books will publish The Revolutionary Beauty book. Both frustrated and inspired by her debilitating allergies, Loggins developed a 7-Step Plan to holistically improve your lifestyle. Loggins writes about the practices established by Paul Bragg and his daughter Patricia Bragg, who also co-authored Revolutionary Beauty. Patricia Bragg, a businesswoman, health consultant, and the head of Bragg Live Foods, led beauty movements for over 65 years. Paul Bragg, known as the father of the modern health foods movement, also established holistic methods for staying healthy and young.

With Revolutionary Beauty, Julia Loggins seeks to help people overcome their health issues. She made this her mission 35 years ago. When Loggins was young, she experienced severe asthma because of food, chemicals, and environmental pollutants. By the time she was ten, she experienced arthritis, bleeding ulcers, colitis, and other issues. She completed the Health Educators Course at the Hippocrates Health Institute in 1982 before working with psychiatrist Dr. Ernest Pecci in order to understand the challenges when trying to obtain health and wellness. In 1983, she began her practice in Santa Barbara, California, writing three self-help books.

When writing Revolutionary Beauty, Loggins wanted to help women turn back the clock and redefine the beauty culture for women. Focusing on the mind, body, and self-image, Revolutionary Beauty’s seven steps give women tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her plan eliminates burn out, demonstrating the idea that there is over one definition of beauty.

Julia Loggins continues her commitment to helping others find healing after overcoming a variety of health struggles throughout her childhood. Her search for answers enabled her to connect with doctors and psychiatrists, making her book “revolutionary” for finding wellness. Her collaboration with Patricia Bragg and her health movements also provides a unique approach to redefining beauty for women.