Artist A.J Tarzian Releases New Art Piece


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) On International Plastic Bag Free Day, A.J Tarzian Uses Recycled Plastic To Create Art

ENSPIRE Contributor: Shayne Watson

Artist A.J. Tarzian uses products that negatively affect the environment and turns them into beautiful art installations. Plastic Bag Free Day was celebrated on July 3 and Tarzian used this day to present a creative interpretation of the Jurassic Park movie using recycled plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Free Day is an international initiative that aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags. The goal is to reduce the strain on the environment and encourage people from around the world to make more environmentally friendly choices.

In connection to Plastic Bag Free Day, Tarzian prides himself on designing environmentally conscious art. His latest piece, “Jurassic” encompasses an array of plastic bags for the texture of the dinosaur. Tarzian thrives off of taking products that affect the environment and making them into beautiful installations.

The Jurassic Park movie played a huge part in Tarzian’s childhood, which inspired him to make this installation in the first place.

Using melted Home Depot bags, Tarzian masterfully constructed a dinosaur from childhood memories of the film. Combined with the yellow Jurassic Park jeeps from the popular film, Tarzian built a life-size dinosaur alongside famed villain, Dennis Nedry.

“The dinosaur was the hardest part. I didn’t know how to create it at first because there is nothing that can match their skin. Then a week goes by, and I was looking at a Home Depot bag and I realized this matches the skin of a dinosaur, and I used Home Depot bags to create the skin of the dinosaur. I melted the bags together and it came out perfect.” Tarzian said.

Along with “Jurassic”, Tarzian was also the original designer of “Stranger Things” at the Emporium Chicago and created the piece “Y2K” to show viewers the evolution of technology.

“Jurassic” is displayed at Chicago’s Replay Lincoln Park, where the entire installation is comprised of a collective of different artists. Tarzian wants his entire audience to contribute to the conversation by allowing themselves to be engulfed in a real-life Jurassic Park.

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