Brittney Chantele Releases ‘Speaking With Swords’ Album


( ENSPIRE Music ) An Album Collection Illustrating Queer Love

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Brittney Chantele is a non-binary lesbian artist whose songs have been featured on the official Pride 2022 playlist for SHOWTIME’S The L Word. Their song ‘Moonroof’ received millions of streams not to mention their latest EP ‘Suit of Air’, with four songs, which has gotten buzz. 

Chantele is voted Pittsburgh’s Best Rap/Hip-Hop Performer and Best Unsigned Music Artist in 2021. They just announced the release of their new album ‘Speaking With Swords’.

Brittney Chantele

The album ‘Speaking with Swords’ demonstrates a perspective on queer love, breakups, relationships, sex, and the toxicity that comes along with it. Chantele’s goal is to represent Queer people in a sense of familiarity through storytelling lyrics.

Chantele says “As a teen and young adult, I have had to switch out the pronouns to popular love songs so that they resonate with me. My hope with this project is to give Queer young adults music they can relate to.” They believe Queer love is the start of a revolution for love songs and a rebellion against the typical she/her/ and his/her lyrics to songs.

Brittney Chantele

In addition, Chantele is a multi-faceted creator who strives to make a positive change in the music industry and queer community. They use visual art, and songwriting to inspire individuals. Chantele DJs Taylor Swift Night across the country and has acted and performed spoken word in a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award Winning Commercial (#53) titled “3Rs Poetry Slam for Boys and Girls Club WPA” by Ya Momz House, Inc.

‘Speaking With Swords’ will release on August 19th.

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