Selma Blair Speaks on Promoting Inclusion


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Selma Blair’s Variety Article Discusses Inclusion Within Entertainment Industry

Selma Blair, a Hollywood actress, wrote an article for Variety on how the entertainment industry should shift its perspective and focus more on becoming more inclusive of all individuals, especially ones with disabilities. Her article, “Selma Blair: It’s Time We Shift the Story About How Disabled People Are Represented,” dives deep into her view on the industry and how it has affected her living with a health condition. 

Her whole life, Blair never felt she belonged and did not feel comfortable in her skin her life because of her health condition, multiple sclerosis (MS), which is a condition that attacks one’s central nervous system. 

Courtesy of Selma Blair

Growing up, Blair never saw actresses with the same condition as her, so she was left to feel out of place. Blair believes that storytelling in the media is the best way to start practicing inclusion in this industry. Hence, people with disabilities begin to see people in tv series or movies going through the same struggles. Now, Blair wants and encourages disabled people to be represented in the entertainment industry to start breaking down those unuseful barriers the industry has put up. 

“The entertainment industry has the ability to do so much to help tear down these limitations,” Blair said. “Committing to accessibility breaks down barriers, enabling creatives to be better in their work.” 

Courtesy of Selma Blair

To do this, she started looking at Google’s work to become more inclusive and promote the idea that everyone belongs. With Google, Blair is now using the company’s techniques to build a better and more inclusive world. Some actions Google has pursued are its collaboration with Disability: IN, GLAAD, Cannes Lions, and many more. They have used these organizations to create a toolkit, All In, which promotes inclusivity in the media. 

With her work outside the entertainment industry promoting inclusivity, Selma Blair has also played many roles in well-known films and tv shows. She had her debut in the sitcom “Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane.” Blair then went on to play roles in the film “Cruel Intentions,” “Legally Blonde,” “The Sweetest Thing,” “Storytelling,” and many more. Some of the television series she featured in included “Kath & Kim,” “Anger Management,” and “American Crime Story.” 

Courtesy of Selma Blair

To read Selma Blair’s article, visit here. Follow Blair on Instagram @selmablair.  

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