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( ENSPIRE Interview ) Jennifer Irwin and Michael Consuelos Offer Readers Exclusive Let’s Get Physical Feature Insights

ENSPIRE Contributor: Claya Davis

Based on actual events, Let’s Get Physical, produced by Milojo Productions, tells the inspiring story of Sadie (played by Jenna Dewan), a fitness instructor with a double life. By day, Sadie teaches fitness and dance to soccer moms. But, when the sun goes down, she operates and controls a sophisticated and exclusive prostitution ring that services very prominent and wealthy men in the community. 

After receiving an anonymous tip, authorities raid Sadie’s studio, which results in her indictment. This causes the small tight-knit community to desperately wonder who exactly was on the fitness instructor’s extensive client list. Executively produced by Dewan, the star also appears on screen alongside Jennifer Irwin (The Goldbergs) and Micheal Consuelos (Riverdale). The film premiers on Lifetime Saturday (Oct. 15) at 8/7c.

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ENSPIRE took part in a press conference with Jennifer Irwin and Michael Consuelos. We learned more about their careers, the experience of acting in Let’s Get Physical, and their instrumental on-screen roles. 

When asked about the most challenging parts of being an actor, Irwin said that it is really difficult to “tune out what other people think about you” and “constantly trying to challenge yourself but also keeping your spirits up in a really ruthless and tough industry.”

In Consuelo’s opinion, “The hardest part really is starting. It is not easy.” it is difficult to learn “to hear ‘no’ a lot and not let it affect your spirits. You’ll kind of have to fall on your ass a lot and learn to get back up.” 

Did you always know that you wanted to be an actor?

“Entertainment has always been at the forefront of my life…I don’t just act, I work as a producer on the side, but entertainment has always been important to me,” shares Consuelos. “My parents do what they do and I want to do what they do too. That was kind of my way of going about it.”

What has playing these characters taught you about yourself?

“That I can’t pole dance,” shared Jennifer with a humorous lilt. I also learned “to keep an open mind to people’s choices in life and that the quality of loyalty is underestimated.”

Although Consuelos’s character serves as the comic relief in the film, he claims that “there is something to learn from him too…he’s kind of down on his luck for most of it. I guess these struggles taught me to better appreciate what I have going for me and to take chances and apply myself…he’s a motivator to not rest on my laurels.”

Was this the most challenging role for both of you?

“Physically, yes it was the hardest job for me,’ remarked Irwin. “I get motion sickness and I pulled my back out, so I wasn’t able to walk well. The rest of it was pure joy, honestly.”

“In one version of the script, it ended with everyone taking Sadie’s class and I thank my lucky stars that the script got changed because I didn’t want to pole dance,” shared Consuelos. Playing my character “wasn’t really challenging for me, I guess because awkwardness comes pretty easily to me.”

How was working with Jenna?
“She’s a dream,” gushes Irwin, “down to earth, lovely…she could not have been nicer, more fun, or open to changes. Even though she is an incredible athlete, She never made anyone feel like they were less than.” 

Jenna Dewan and Michael Consuelos, via Dewan’s Instagram

Watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Let’s Get Physical below and follow Michael Consuelos and Jennifer Irwin on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts to stay current on their latest projects and screen appearances.

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