The R&B Gentleman Denaron Releases New Single “Deserve It”


( ENSPIRE Music ) Crooner Denaron Adds New Single to his Collection

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

A famous and popular music artist known as Crooner Denaron has released his highly anticipated single to the public. Denaron makes music full of passion, taking inspiration from singers like David Ruffin, Luther Vandross, and Ronald Isley. His intention is to become a timeless artist that will continue to spread his music of love to the people. His new single “Deserve It” was made with that intention in mind, to spread positive ideas of love to those who want to hear it.

Crooner Denaron’s new song was produced by “Bladz”, and written by both “Tr3Ace” and Denaron. The song is about a woman who means so much to her man that he showers her with gifts. The song shows that gifts can mean so much love for a couple and showering a significant other in them is a joy. “Deserve It” is a beautiful song that speaks a message of love, full of Denaron’s talented singing and writing.

Denaron loves interacting with his fans, and that drives his passion for crafting music. “Over the last few years, many people have approached me and expressed that one of my songs has helped them get through something or through the day. People have told me their experiences, their results, good, sad, and sexy moments, and how my music has helped.” He believes those moments where people can personally relate to his music definitely push him to remain an artist. “I love every bit of helping people that way.”

The music that Denaron makes is the reason he stands out compared to most artists. “I love to give people an experience when I’m on stage, something for them to remember. The type of music I offer is something you definitely would love looking forward to, rather if it’s a slow, up-tempo, or conscious record.” Denaron also loves to be hands-on with his fans, lots of artists just jump on stage and leave, but Denaron loves to speak to his people.

Mary J Blige’s “Love No Limit” and Musiq Soulchild’s “Money Right” hugely inspired the song “Deserve it.” Denaron was also inspired by the lovely women that he has met over the years. “The hard-working ladies that love their man & that know how to treat their man deserve it all. Us men have to step it up and treat them our way better, and “Deserve It” can definitely help.” 

This record means a lot to Denaron. “I have put my heart, soul, and effort into this more than any other record I’ve ever recorded. This record is my baby.” Denaron has said that “Deserve It” is now definitely his favorite song, while his previous favorite song for a long time was “Body”.

Denaron has a few things planned for the near future, music placements on movies, writing for other artists, releasing an album debut, and traveling on tour with other major artists. He will continue to stay active in the music industry for many years to come.

Denaron is far from done with his musical career. “Deserve It” was another delicious cherry pie coming out of the oven of a bakery, and much more is certain to come. His songs will continue to share a love for many further generations in the future. Denaron is set on the path to becoming a timeless music artist that will continue to inspire people for many decades ahead.

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