Dr. Greg Hall Defies Racial Disparities in Healthcare

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( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Dr. Greg Hall Creates GNetX™ Sequence Multivitamins to Change the Narrative of Racial Disparities in Healthcare 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

Dr. Greg Hall, a practicing physician for over twenty-five years in Cleveland, Ohio, has seen firsthand the racial disparities in healthcare. He is now changing the narrative of racial inequality in healthcare with GNetX™ Sequence Multivitamins. “I’ve spent most of my career discussing and complaining about health disparities; it was time to do something,” says Dr. Hall, “and addressing nutritional deficiencies seemed like a great place to start.”

Greg Hall, MD is a physician, author, speaker, inventor, professor, and public health professional, specializing in urban health and the clinical care of African Americans. Dr. Hall’s extensive research in the care of African Americans led to the development of GNetX™ Sequence. By promoting people such as Greg Hall, we at ENSPIRE hope to instill new hopes and aspirations in people who want to give back to the communities that raised them.

Did you know that only 14 percent of the U.S. population has proficient health literacy?

Now, Dr. Hall is taking direct action to combat the problem by offering affordable healthcare solutions to African Americans. Introducing GNetX™ Sequence Multivitamins, a single-tablet daily healthcare supplement offering preventative measures with accurate doses of the necessary vitamins African Americans need. The first of its kind, GNetX™ Sequence Multivitamins considers the unique health needs of African Americans with environmental and hereditary factors in mind. Research shows that not all vitamins are created equal when considering race and ethnicity. For example, getting too much of a vitamin, such as Vitamin K, may not be safe for the African American community. In contrast, Vitamin D is ideal in higher amounts for African Americans.

Many preventative care solutions on the market can be overpriced, making it impossible to bring quality healthcare solutions to the masses. The affordable package of a 3-month supply of GNetX™ Sequence Vitamins for $39.99 helps those who purchase multiple supplements to address their unique needs. Greg Hall paves the way for the future of nutritional supplements with GNetX™ Sequence Vitamins!

To find out more about Greg Hall, check out this website. To learn more about his GNetX™ Sequence Vitamins, click here.

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