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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) K’ Essential Blends Offers Products With Natural Ingredients

ENSPIRE Contributor: Ava Girardi

K’ Essential Blends, owned by Kerensa Ward, embraces the idea that “beauty begins in you” and allows consumers to feel amazing by incorporating its products into their self-care routine. Launched on August 25, 2021, the company has expanded, selling products from face oils to Gua Sha. 

The company motto is “Where aromatherapy meets you” at K’ Essential Blends. They gather the purest ingredients and use natural blends to allow its consumers to feel better in their minds, body, and soul. K’ Essential Blends focuses on allowing its consumers to create a self-care regime with its products. Selfcare has become very important in our lives, and K’ Essential Blends describes its mission of promoting beneficial skin care within the company. K’ Essential Blends understands that everyone has a busy life and should find a way to incorporate self-care into their regimen easily. 

Founder, Kerensa Ward, is a certified life coach and mental health ambassador. Along with K’ Essential Blend, she is the founder and CEO of Coach K.Ward. Her entrepreneurship began during the pandemic when she coached 20 clients using meditation and self-care. Today, Ward has built a community passionate about wellness through social media. 

K’ Essential Blends has a variety of cruelty-free products to protect the environment but also make you see results. One of its collections is Soul Collections, which offers various body oils such as the “Morning Bliss Oil,” “Recharge Oil,” and “Thrive Body Oil.” Other products in this collection include “Sugar Rush Body Oil,” “Gracefull Glow hydrating face oil,” and “Gracefull Glow Body Oil.” Some of its classics include “Lavender Body Oil,” “Sunset Rose Oil,” and “Jasmine Body Oil.” To pair with these products, it also sells tools such as face rollers and Gua Sha’s pairing with these products to elevate one’s self-care routine. 

ENSPIRE spoke with founder Kerensa Ward to learn more about how she started K’ Essential Blends and her love for skincare: 

When did you decide to start this company, and when did you become involved in entrepreneurship? 

K’ Essential Blends is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to promoting optimum mental health and mindful living. Our essential oil blends are 100% natural and cruelty-free. Our brand was birthed in the midst of the pandemic, in 2020, through life and wellness coaching. K’ Essential Blends is dedicated to encouraging many to upgrade their self-care routines and regimens to combat mental health issues. Becoming the CEO and founder of K’ Essential Blends is where my entrepreneurship journey began. It is an amazing growing and learning experience where I have the front row seat of empowering, encouraging, and equipping others to thrive and become the best version of themselves. It’s so important that we take care of ourselves so that we can better serve others. K’ Essential blends is an affordable and sustainable brand. A brand designed for every skin type and every household. We encourage you to curate an amazing aromatherapy experience to feel and smell good. 

Were you always passionate about skincare? What does your skincare routine look like, and what is some advice you have for glowing skin?

Skincare is something that I’ve always been passionate about. I have super sensitive skin, and it’s so important that I apply 100% natural products to my skin. My skincare routine has always been simple. I’ve always been a “less is more type of person.” I usually begin my routine by exfoliating my skin with homemade oatmeal or aloe vera scrub, followed by “Gracefull Glow hydrating face oil” and any natural-based SPF. Two – three times per week, I would usually apply a “Bamboo face mask” for brightening blemishes and pigmentation. 

My advice for glowing skin :

-Be patient and gentle with your skin.

-Increase your water intake because it’s an internal/external journey.

-Find a great natural base cleanser that works with your skin.

-Keep you skin hydrated with “Gracefull Glow hydrating face oil.” 

-Never leave home without SPF. 

Courtesy of K’ Essential Blends

Could you discuss your products and the benefits? 

K’ Essential Blends provides 100% natural and cruelty-free products. Our products consist of lightweight essential oil blends that you can apply directly to your skin. Our facial products and tools complement all skin types. Our products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

What sets your brand apart from others? What are the main ingredients in the products that benefit consumers?

Our lifestyle brand is more than just essential oils and wellness products. Our clients are educated on the importance of self-care and mindful living. All our products are 100 % natural and cruelty-free. We stand by some of our key ingredients like Vitamin E, Sweet almond oil, and RoseHip oil, infused with herbs such as lavender, cucumber, pink grapefruit, and aloe vera. Our brand complements all skin types and can easily be used and implemented. We hope that your skin finds its natural companion in our latest selections. 

What are some of your most popular products?  

Our most popular and purchased products are “Recharge body oil” and “Gracefull Glow hydrating face oil.” Our “Recharge body oil” is our ultimate vacation body oil, with a citrus scent infused with energizing properties, spotted in Cabo, Miami, Jamaica, and Turks and Caicos, to name a few islands. Super lightweight and hydrating on the skin. “Gracefull Glow hydrating face oil” has been super popular since the launching of  our “Beauty begins in you campaign.” Our hydrating face oil complements all skin types and easily fits in any skin care regimen. Our hydrating face oil has earned the spot in many beauty boxes and cosmetic pouches. Our “Bamboo face mask” has also been seen in swag bags such as the 2021 Black Women in Media award show ( BWI, high tea women’s empowerment brunches, and beauty & wellness events.

What are some benefits of the Gua Sha and body oil when used together?

Gua Sha stone is an amazing tool that K’ Essential Blends provides and best used with “Gracefull Glow hydrating facial oil.” Some of the benefits of the Gua Sha include soothing facial muscles, supporting a firm face line, and reducing facial tension. Gua Sha stones are definitely in style and serve as a multipurpose skincare tool.

Are your products sold in stores? If not, do you plan on pursuing that idea one day?

All our products are available at kessentialblends.com. Our goal is to have our products available in some of our favorite chains like Nordstrom, Target, Whole foods, and various spas. I’m super excited for this amazing journey ahead and trust the process. 

With the help of vitamins and nutrients, K’ Essential Blends has created a brand that allows consumers to be the best version of themselves and to take time and care for themselves. Through Ward’s brand, she wants to use her products to uplift women and empower others. K’ Essential Blends promotes that beauty starts within us; healing our bodies is the best type of cosmetic. 

To learn more about K’ Essential Blends visit its site here. Check out its Instagram @kessentialblends.

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