Meet Giselle: Inspirational Mother Who Overcame Adversity 


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) From Unhoused Teen Mom To College Graduate

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

For those facing adversity, Giselle’s story can be an inspiration through those troubled times. Giselle was a teen mother at seventeen years old. Growing up, she was in a deafening household, with an alcoholic mother who was in and out of treatment. But she kept her studies and stayed focused on her goals. She continued school, worked part time, and graduated with a one-year-old. From there she began college and majored in the sciences. 

Even though Giselle strived on the right path, there were setbacks and challenges she had to overcome. She found herself in a domestic abuse relationship. Following those events she became unhoused with her child and they lived in her car. Through strength and perseverance, Giselle soon found a small apartment to call home. As she settled, she began her educational journey again and married and had another child. Later on, she divorced, graduated college, and her firstborn son was seven years old cheering her on. Giselle became a successful landlord and began sharing her story on social media to help others in similar situations. 

Giselle’s story is an inspiration to anyone who may face adversity in their lives. It shows that anyone can overcome their struggles and achieve their goals with determination and hard work. Giselle’s journey is proof that the human spirit is capable of incredible things, and we should never give up on our dreams. View her Instagram for more content about her everyday life and her TikTok page.

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