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Hanna Olivas and Adriana Luna Carlos, a Mother-Daughter Duo, Founded She Rises Studios: The Empowered Women’s Multi-Digital Marketing Studio, together. The goal of She Rises is to give women across the world a voice. This is done through publishing books, podcasts, TV Shows, retreats, summits and business accelerator services which are all accessible on their website. In addition to giving women a voice, She Rises creates a community of women, banding them together to uplift and empower each other to achieve their dreams.

She Rises was founded in July of 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic. The founders knew that women needed a space during this difficult time and took matters into their own hands. The mother, Hanna Olivas, is an author, speaker and founder for the studio. Hanna was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2017 which is an incurable blood cancer. This experience propelled her into accomplishing her goal of creating a safe space for struggling women and women looking to achieve their goals. Furthermore, it led her to found the Brave & Beautiful Blood Cancer Foundation.

Hanna Olivas (Mother)

The daughter, Adriana Luna Carlos, is an author, designer and mentor. Adriana found her passion in graphic & web arts which she has been pursuing for over 10 years and founded Adriana Luna Designs in 2013.

Where did the name “She Rises Studios” come from?
She Rises derived from us wanting to help not only ourselves grow and flourish but guide other women in doing the same. Mid pandemic, a lot of women were losing their jobs and their homes and we wanted them to know that they weren’t alone by creating a platform of support and opportunity for income for them. We really wanted to become a platform of motivation and inspiration to other women.

What was it like founding She Rises during a global pandemic?
We had a lot of people tell us it wouldn’t succeed because we were in a pandemic, and we really didn’t have a background in media. The biggest challenge was definitely the pandemic because a lot of the things we wanted to do were meant to be done in person and we had to really learn how to
navigate virtually. We learned to build a team virtually and work with women virtually. Now, we work with women all over the world and that has only expanded our reach and impact.

What do you feel has been the most impactful result of She Rises?
I would say seeing other women’s businesses grow and seeing other women who would have never stepped out and done the things that they’re doing now. We receive emails and phone calls just from women saying thank you for making them a bestselling author or really helping their business grow.
Sometimes, it’s even more personal. We had a woman call and say thank you because before working with us she was ready to give up but in working with She Rises her whole life has changed. I think seeing other women succeed and fulfill their dreams has been incredible.

What inspired you to start this community?
We knew we couldn’t do it alone. Community is so much more powerful and impactful than just one or two people trying to do something. When you bring others into your dream, it grows faster. We knew as we started to build She Rises that having the support and encouragement of other women who may have an incredible idea for how we can grow would attribute us. On the hard days when we need that extra push, we have that community behind us.

What are your plans moving forward in She Rises? What can we look forward to seeing in the future?
Our plan is to become a multi-media company. We recently launched Fenix TV and we really want this to be one of the largest networks for women to be featured. Within the Fenix TV, we’re pushing for women to do documentaries and series and to be that global network that women can utilize to advertise their business, have their own show, or women who just want to watch and be inspired. Fenix TV is all about the education and inspiration.

What goes into translating and distributing your books?
Ingram is our book distributor and one of the largest distributors in the world, in addition to Amazon. Amazon is a global distributor which allows us to earn bestselling titles in numerous countries. It’s a tedious process from the manuscript to the distributorship. The process takes 4 ½ to 5 months. To date, we’ve published 20 books and magazines and we publish in 13 different countries so marketing has to go to each of those countries.

What advice would you give to women struggling?

I would say #1: giving up is not an option. Plugging into a supportive community and expressing the struggles so that those around you can help you and help identify the cause of the struggle. I believe if there is a will, there is a way. I’ve seen so many women quit. Giving up is not an option, you have to be
vulnerable and ask for help. If you just ask for help, chances are you’re going to receive the help you’re looking for.

Adriana Luna Carlos (Daughter)

She Rises Studios is meant to create opportunities for women and spread a sense of community. Whether you’re a student, corporate employee, business owner, daughter, mother or grandmother, this is a place where you will be celebrated. To learn more about She Rises Studios, visit their website where you can find their podcasts, blogs, shop and more. Help empower women across all walks of life, the future is female.

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