Actress/Producer Elise Luthman On Life in Hollywood


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Rising Star Discusses Hobbies and Her Roles, Past and Future

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Elise Luthman is an actress, singer, writer, producer, and car enthusiast. She’s had appearances in HBO’s Euphoria (2019) and had recurring roles in shows like Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle (2020) and The Politician (2019). Elise is well known for her leading thriller roles including Death Link (2021) as Julie, Do Not Reply (2019) as Heather, and Dead Night (2017) as Becky. She has starred in, written, and produced her own Online Disney Maker Studio Series, Short Girls Club (2015).

Elise is the youngest in a family of thespians and learned her love of acting, singing, and music from her family as they performed together in many Community Theatre Productions. She is from Dayton, Ohio but now lives in Los Angeles where she acts, writes, and rides motorcycles. Beyond riding, her interest in motorcycles extends to watching competitive racing as a MotoGP fan. She also enjoys working on cars in her free time. 

We at ENSPIRE were able to interview Elise about her life as an actress and the experiences she wants to share.

Of every show or movie you’ve acted in, do you have a favorite role?

I do! My role as Greta Jerkelvoss on Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle has been my favorite. It was pure fun! I acted alongside my brother, Joey Luthman, as a pair of Dutch villain twins. Getting to be in an energetic comedy with my brother was a dream come true.

As someone who grew up in a family of other actors on stage and screen, have you ever doubted that acting was what you wanted to do?

Acting has had its ups and downs as most people in the industry know, but the core belief that this is a career that I am made for has never left me. The industry is very unique so I learned a long time ago not to compare my career path to others in different fields, or even other actors. It’s my own journey. 

Do you have any noteworthy actors who have served as inspiration for you?

There are many actors I look up to but one that has been a main inspiration for me is Scarlett Johansson. The way she would speak about acting in interviews I related to so much. I felt seen and understood when she would speak about how she would address characters and the process during a project. On top of that, her career is how I aspire to model mine. 

Have you ever had trouble balancing acting with your social life or hobbies?

Definitely! As a person, balance is something I’ve had difficulty applying to my life. In addition to that, the acting industry is one that always demands your attention. It’s been such a blessing, however, because I got to such an unbalanced place in my life that I had no choice but to get my act together. Acting requires a lot of emotional energy, so implementing a balance into your life will help you stay grounded and fueled along the way. 

Is there any type of role that you haven’t played in the past but would be interested in? For example, a romantic lead or action star?

I remember when I was on the red carpet and the interviewer asked me what my next dream role was. I said I wanted to be in a horror movie. Since then, I’ve gained 5 horror movies under my belt and I now know the power of my words. It’s funny that you use those two examples because the next role that I’m heading toward is tied between a romantic lead and an action star. Romantic lead, because I personally love those feel-good romance movies. An action star, because I live to be an advocate for female badasses!

Is there a piece of advice you would offer to aspiring young actresses?

Yes. Figure out your “why”. In any industry, especially the acting industry, there will be times when you can struggle to find motivation. However, it’s not about motivation. You’re human, so there will be days where it’s frustrating, you feel yourself becoming impatient, or simply that the rejection hurts too much. Your “why”, the reason why you’re pursuing this, will always be there to lead you. If you build up your “why” to be strong enough, it will propel you wherever you wish to go. 

From her roles in shows like Euphoria and Side Hustle to starring in films like Do Not Reply and Death Link, Elise Luthman already has an impressive lineup of credits. Her upcoming roles have promise to be her greatest yet, and we anticipate her star power rising in the future. As a young actress, Elise is balancing her busy work life with impressive hobbies and a social media presence. Keep an eye out for her next role, and keep her name at the back of your mind.

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