Aries Marquis’ 90’s Soul Revival Single


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Nostalgic Single “Motivation” is Aries Marquis’ Newest Hit

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Aries Marquis is a veteran, father, and Christian, not to mention a talented musician. He has been performing his unique blend of soulful pop R&B since 2007 when his father discovered his talent after hearing Marquis singing on a voicemail. His music has been described as dazzling, and his lyrics are thoughtful and genuine. When asked how he wants to be remembered he says “I want to be remembered as someone that actually cared, and was genuine. Someone that really was kind and loving, and his music touched lives in a positive way.”

His most recent release “Motivation” is a soulful masterpiece that channels the smooth harmonies of Boyz II Men and the nostalgic vibes of 90s R&B, with a message of positivity. The song is inspired by a revelation Marquis had about a driving force behind his success: “The incredible support I’ve received from the women in my life has been instrumental to my success in the music industry and in life. Their strength, wisdom, and kindness truly motivate me.”

“Motivation” is an expression of gratitude and respect for those women. Beyond the people in his own life, he also hopes that it can spread the message to all women of their immeasurable value. Marquis tried to break away from the current trends in R&B music and take inspiration from Gospel and Soul to communicate his authentic emotions. The song calls back to the era when his big inspirations were at the height of their popularity: 90s R&B, Boyz 2 Men, Tevin Campbell, Justin Timberlake, and NSYNC. Beyond those inspirations, Marquis’ music has a distinct voice and lyrical style that separates him from the rest of the musicians in his field. 

Information on Marquis’ music and social media can be found on his website.

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