Exclusive Interview with Patti Negri , Celebrity Psychic and Medium


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Renowned Hollywood Psychic, Medium, and “Good” Witch Provides Info on her Life and Supernatural Occupation

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Patti Negri is a world-renowned psychic medium and “good” witch. She is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel’s popular Ghost Adventures series, where she is often consulted by host Zak Baggins on interacting with spirits. Other than Ghost Adventures, Patti has appeared on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, Master Chef, and Pit Boss. Besides her work as a performer, she is also the international best-selling author of Old World Magick For The Modern World: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques To Balance, Empower, & Create A Life You Love. Beyond her book, she has contributed to over 20 others. 

Patti experienced a connection to the supernatural since she was a child, conducting her first seance at age eight. Since then she has conducted séances on radio, film, TV, and in living rooms across America. She approaches spirituality with a magical, loving, and upbeat attitude, to create a positive, safe, and fun environment for her clients to learn, grow and heal. Patti’s specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything. Patti is honored to be Senior Vice President and Chief Examiner of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

At ENSPIRE, we spoke with Patti about her experiences as a psychic and navigating the world of mediums in the media.

Have you had any experiences where a participant in a seance began as a non-believer, and ended the experience as a believer in the supernatural?

Many! Often skeptical people really just want to see something to change their minds. Those folks almost always get that experience. The way I conduct seances, I literally “open the veil” between our world and the spirit world – so people attending can actually see, hear or sense the spirits we call in. Plus, once they hear something from a loved one (whether on their
own or from me) that NO ONE in the world could have known, they start to understand it really is real.

My private seances are very different than the ones people see me do on TV with Ghost Adventures or other shows. Because in those shows we are always at an abandoned prison or asylum or other scary place. My private seances are gentle and sweet, empowering, and informative for people because we only call and allow in their loved ones and good, helpful, high-vibration spirits. The messages they get are helpful and soothing. I have gotten everything
from an iPhone code so the family could get the photos off the phone, to specific messages of what to do with the assets or where the will is hidden.

What was it like growing up as a child with a connection to the spiritual and supernatural in a world made up largely of people who do not believe in ghosts or spiritual energies?

It was great! Though when very young, I thought everybody could see and talk to spirits. I actually think most kids can. It just gets taught out of us in our modern, western, non-mystical society where spirits are often turned into our “imaginary friends”. Truly, not all of them are! 

I did develop an “on-off” switch at an early age. Even something I teach now to my mediumship and psychic development students at my own online school University Magickus. This makes it easy to “turn off” when you want to go to sleep, hang with friends, study – or just go grocery shopping without wanting to see other shoppers dead relatives hanging around. Plus, separating on from off – makes the ON that much stronger as well! 

In what ways does your understanding of what a spirit is differ from common depictions in pop culture media?

Well, the media does try to exaggerate a bit. Though sometimes it really does get it right. Yes, standard media often focuses on the negative side of spirits over the positive – but there is so much more real, positive, and accurate information coming out with channels like GAIA or even my own streaming service paraflixx.com.

How do you handle criticism from those who believe your appearances on reality television diminish your credibility as a professional in the supernatural world?

I just love them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Not everyone has to like me. Not everyone has to believe. That’s what makes the human experience so fun and exciting.

You make sure to only reach out to spirits with positive energies; has a seance with that intention ever resulted in an unintentional negative encounter?

Yes! Even though I am trained and experienced in psychic protection, I have had everything from a cameraman literally burst into flames at a séance at a very haunted and famous Hollywood Hills home – and I’ve been hit so hard that I had the cartilage ripped off my ribs by the Black Dahlia killer. This would never happen at a public or private séance. This was filming, where everybody present knew what they were getting into and we opened the veil up to darker entities and energy. 

Do you have a favorite experience from your guest appearances on shows like Master Chef and Beverly Hills Pawn?

Well, cooking for Gordon Ramsey was indeed one of the scariest experiences of my life. Ghosts got nothin’ on Gordon! Just kidding. I could write a whole book on the wonderful, inspiring, challenging, and amazing experiences I have had…. In fact, I think I just might! ;o). But the one consistent thing I love is when you see someone “turn a lightbulb on” in their head – to see a new perspective or reality or even a new possibility to expand their experience of living this wonderful life! Whether it’s my YouTube kids, TV shows, speaking and public appearances, or my one-on-one clients, nothing gives me more joy! 

Patti Negri is a woman whose positive attitude permeates everything she does. She approaches spirituality and the supernatural with the intention of bringing healing and understanding to everyone she works with. Never perturbed by non-believers or the more uptight paranormal enthusiasts, Patti no doubt has the skills needed for her job. Whether she is working to bring closure to those who have lost loved ones, or simply educating others on supernatural practices, the optimistic attitude she brings to her job is always something to admire.

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