Kier’s Hope 5th Annual Run Helps Fight Sickle Cell Disease


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Approximately 400 runners Participated in the event Benefiting the Kier’s Hope Foundation

ENSPIRE Contributor: Ana Luque

On Saturday, June 3, approximately 400 runners participated in the Kier’s Hope 5th Annual 5K Run and Fun Walk to raise awareness, resources, and funding to provide hope to those fighting sickle cell disease.  

Witherite Law Group and 1-800-TruckWreck announced that they are the primary sponsor of this year’s Kier’s Hope 5thAnnual 5K Run and Fun Walk during Kier’s Hope Sickle Cell Awareness Month, which was declared by the State Senate of Texas in 2019.

Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host and comedian Kier “Junior” Spates, who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at seven years old, founded the Kier’s Hope Foundation Inc. in 2018 to inspire and educate families affected by the disease, provide education, programs, services, and funding resources. Spates’ experience with sickle cell as a child–unexplainable pain, misdiagnoses, countless emergency room visits, and hospital stays–fed his passion for helping others understand the disease and dispel the stigma associated with it. Spates was inspired to start the foundation by Amy Witherite and the work she does in the communities her firm serves.

“Kier’s Hope Foundation envisions a world where Sickle Cell Disease no longer exists, and we are working hard to raise awareness, resources, and funding to provide hope to those fighting this chronic disease,” said Spates. “We are grateful to our primary sponsor, Amy Witherite, and Witherite Law Group, for not just sponsoring the event over the past five years but joining hands with us as a partner to help expand our efforts into other markets this year.” 

Sickle cell anemia is a common inherited blood disorder that inhibits the ability of hemoglobin in red blood cells to carry oxygen. The sickle cells stick together, blocking small blood vessels causing pain and other serious complications like infection, acute chest syndrome, and stroke. The disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans, mostly African Americans or people who identify as Black.

Besides Witherite Law Group, this year’s event is sponsored by Emmaus Group, D. Herbs, KUR Research and will feature performances by the D-Down Crew, the official dance team of the Dallas Mavericks. All proceeds will go to the Kier’s Hope Foundation and address the immediate needs of persons and families affected by sickle cell disease. 

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