Yassie Releases Latest Hit Single, “Vibe With Me”


Nashville’s hottest new voice “Yassie” has released a brand new song and video for “Vibe With Me”, now streaming on YouTube and all music platforms. The single speaks to those who are still in the house, post-COVID. There are those that are still struggling to work outside the house, shop or just connect with friends, because of either anxieties or health issues. The positive words in the single say “You Know We Outside”, “Can’t let life pass us by, only one life, can’t live it twice”.

Cosigning the new single is Wu-Tang Radio’s “Money Shawn”, Baltimore’s Official DJ “The Franchise Jay Claxton” and one of York, PA’s top DJs “DJnegmawon”. Yassi’s music has a casual and approachable vibe that encourages listening from music lovers of any genre. Fans from various states have sent in videos of them vibing with the new single and Yassie wants to let everyone know the song is available on TikTok. She encourages fans to keep posting, with the hashtag #YassieOfficialVibeWithMe.

Yassie’s last evocative single, “Prove It”, was played at an event by DJ Neptune and received great response, creating momentum for her rising stardom. The single, which was played on stations in cities across the country (and overseas in the UK) brings Yassie’s mellifluous voice to new audiences everywhere. “Prove It” was a heartfelt testament to the power of love. It speaks to the truth that when someone is your soulmate, they will invest their time and energy into proving that fact.

Yassie draws artistic inspiration from tragedy; her mother passed away from bone cancer when Yassie was just 13. The songstress has drawn from the pride and love of her mother to make her work a tribute to her mother’s legacy and encouragement. Today, whenever Yassie performs, records, or releases a new song or album, it’s always with the thought that her mom would be proud of the vibrant, gifted woman Yassie has become.

Listen to “VIBE WITH ME”—HERE. Watch the music video for “VIBE WITH ME”—HERE.

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