Peter Wise Releases New Single “Only Gotta Start”

Peter Wise

( ENSPIRE Music ) Bruno Major Meets The 1975, Peter Wise Takes Inspiration to Create “Only Gotta Start”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

Peter Wise is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, based in Brooklyn, New York. He combines introspective lyricism with bluesy guitar lines, laid-back rhythms, anthemic hooks, and soulful vocals. His unique style is both familiar and distinct. It combines his love for the early seventies, southern California folk/rock storytelling, nineties Neo-soul and R&B grooves, and modern pop/rock melodies to create a style uniquely his own. His latest single “Only Gotta Start” is the first of 13 tracks to be released for his album. It acts as the rebirth of Wise as an artist, as he enters a new chapter of being unapologetically himself. Created entirely by himself, this new track sees Wise taking complete control over the music he creates.

“Only Gotta Start” is a song about letting go. Letting go of dark thoughts, pride, ego, hurt, and frustration. Wise confides, “I was feeling pretty burned out with my life at the time I wrote this song. I felt that, despite being extremely busy and attempting to move forward professionally and personally, I wasn’t making any progress. I wanted to progress in life, see progress in my career, and progress in letting go of a past relationship.” “Only Gotta Start” is a message to others that when the past seems to haunt our present and/or future, all we have and can do, is change our thinking, be grateful for what we have, and let go of the weight of whatever it is that seems to stop us from moving forward.

Peter Wise

In addition, the new song is inspired by the likes of Bruno Major, Billie Marten, and The 1975. Through jangly guitars, warm vocals, and an upbeat, feel-good rhythm, Wise never fails to put a smile on your face. The creation of the track also involved some experimental techniques. Peter shares, “I found my older sister’s child-sized violin … and I tried to make music with that. I’m no violinist, but I found that trying to make music out of an instrument that I had no skill with forced me to be much more creative. I eventually found a way to pick the violin and resample it to add the string sounds that you hear in the intro and choruses.”

Additionally, the upcoming album touches on a multitude of real, raw, and relatable themes. These include struggling with getting older, not being who you thought you’d be, and not being able to get over past relationships. The song truly encapsulates who Wise is, and it is some of his strongest work to date. He shares, “I’ve discovered the importance of calling myself an artist and working to be that. An artist is someone who takes in the world around them, processes it, and creates an interpretation and understanding of themselves, others, and the world they live in through their art. That’s what I love most about music and why I make music: to share with others how I see and process things.”

Wise has been featured in notable press outlets such as Rolling Stone, Wonderland Magazine, Earmilk, and American Songwriter Magazine. He has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on digital streaming platforms. He has also had the privilege of opening for The Eagles, as well as performing all over the world, including both London and Paris. With more tour dates this summer and fall, and with the upcoming release of his highly anticipated album, Peter Wise is ready to bring excitement and joy into our lives in 2023.

Watch the music video for “Only Gotta Start,” below!

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