The Business Bar: A Remedy for the Weary

Young Entrepreneurs, Jade Newman and Jessica Robinson, open bar, restaurant and workstation in New Orleans.


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Two Black Entrepreneurs Open The Business Bar, a Workstation, Bar, and Restaurant, in New Orleans.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Halima McDoom

With quarantine and curfews still in effect, the pandemic has challenged us to understand how our interior worlds do and don’t serve us. Whether you are working remotely, attending classes on Zoom, or tending to your now stay-at-home family, wellness has become a distant luxury for most of us. Jade Newman and Jessica Robinson, two New Orleanian entrepreneurs, recognized this communal need for peace. They recently opened The Business Bar, at 4525 Freret Street, Suite 107; it is an innovative restaurant, bar, and workstation for local professionals and students. 

Here, joy is the only pursuit. The Business Bar is unique not only because of its multifunctionality, but it is literally the only business of its kind in the city of New Orleans. They designed it for customers to be productive, while also enjoying well-seasoned meals and freshly made cocktails. Ultimately, it’s a concept that so many deserve to experience amidst COVID-19. “We were intentional about creating that perfect atmosphere to give people exactly what they needed to feel motivated and relax at the same time”, says the owners. “The natural light, the temperature set in the restaurant, the indoor greenery, the small plates, the playlist, and every single detail was intentionally created to reduce stress levels, boost moods, improve concentration and increase levels of positivity overall.” 

Interior of the Business Bar
Interior of the Business Bar

The Business Bar’s origin is steeped in faith. As young black women entrepreneurs, thriving in this society is very much a matter of prayer. Newman and Robinson truly relied on God to see their business through. “What we believe sets us apart and has allowed God to move through us is our faith in knowing that wherever we lack; God will step in and see us through. We’ve had a number of up and downhill spirals in our lives, but overall; we’ve grown in indescribable ways.” 

Their commitment to vision is nothing short of inspiring. The Business Bar is a testament to this commitment. Chef Lawrence Armour carefully curated the menu, and they crafted the drinks to reflect what Newman and Robinson represent: class, excellence, and positivity. Per their recommendations and customer ravings, the CEO and the Southern Girl Means Business Lamb Chops are a must-try for all who visit The Business Bar. 

Through their budding success, Newman and Robinson impart much-needed wisdom for young black entrepreneurs. Their motto is, “Go For It.” Their words are encouraging and filled with inspiration. “When God places something on your heart; pray, meditate, process and MOVE…. Use whatever you have in your hands, which is sometimes nothing but the idea. Know that what you have (no matter the size of it) is always enough to get started.” 

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