K. Michelle’s Musical Odyssey Culminates with ‘I’m The Problem’


( ENSPIRE Music ) K. Michelle’s Farewell to R&B and a Hello to Country: The Sensational Singer’s Final Chapter”

In the world of music, a significant milestone has been reached as the renowned R&B singer/songwriter K. Michelle unveiled her sixth and ultimate R&B album, “I’m The Problem.” This highly anticipated album, presented by MNRK Music Group, delighted fans worldwide as it finally made its debut. The release generated unprecedented excitement from devoted fans who had been closely tracking K. Michelle’s musical voyage and artistic evolution.

“I’m The Problem” embarks listeners on an emotional odyssey, flawlessly fusing K. Michelle’s distinctive soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics that have touched hearts across the globe. The album showcases standout singles like “You,” “Wherever the D May Land,” “Blame Yourself,” and the chart-topping Adult R&B hit, “Scooch.” Additionally, K. Michelle unveiled the music video for the lead track, “Hurt Shit.”

The album boasts a lineup of esteemed songwriters and producers, including her longtime collaborator Lil’ Ronnie, Louis York (Chuck Harmony & Claude Kelly), KP, Versace P, and more.

“I’m The Problem” not only signifies the conclusion of K. Michelle’s remarkable journey in the R&B genre but also heralds her foray into the realm of country music. The album introduces her official solo country single, “Tennessee,” a heartfelt tribute to the iconic country music legend Dolly Parton, a figure she has revered since her childhood. With deep respect for Parton’s legacy, K. Michelle explores the genre in “Tennessee,” infusing her distinctive style with the spirit of her hometown, Memphis, TN.

Earlier this year, K. Michelle wrapped up a captivating 21-city “I’m The Problem Tour,” where her performances drew sold-out crowds in cities such as St. Louis, Atlanta, and Charlotte. This success underscores the profound bond she shares with her devoted fan base, a connection that has only grown stronger over the years.

“I’m The Problem” Track Listing:

  1. A Lot of Nothing (Part 1)
  2. Memphis in Me
  3. No Pain
  4. Blame Yourself
  5. Love Language
  6. You
  7. A Lot of Nothing (Part 2)
  8. Big Deal
  9. WTDML
  10. Hurt Shit
  11. I Cheat
  12. Only One
  13. Gangsta in Me
  14. A Lot of Nothing (Part 3)
  15. This Man
  16. Scooch
  17. God Knew
  18. Same Damn Show
  19. Tennessee (Bonus Track)

Join K. Michelle on this extraordinary musical journey with “I’m The Problem,” an album that marks the culmination of a remarkable career in R&B music while opening the door to exciting new horizons in country music.

Watch our recap of one of her recent listening sessions in New York City:

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