Six Degrees Marketing Agency Hosts The Official Spelhouse Brunch An Elevated Culinary Experience For The Culture


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Six Degrees Marketing Agency Hosts Second Annual Spelhouse Brunch: A Celebration of Black Excellence

Last month marked the vibrant second annual Spelhouse Brunch hosted by Six Degrees Marketing Agency—an event that transcended the traditional brunch experience, celebrating the rich culture and achievements of Morehouse College and Spelman College alumni and talent.

In collaboration with Pronghorn and Scotch Porter, the event unfolded with a symphony of unique DJ sets, carefully curated selections, expertly crafted cocktails, and engaging conversations centered around the pillars of Black excellence and culture. The event not only paid homage to the esteemed institutions but also provided a platform to recognize and honor the brilliance within the community.

Six Degrees, a full-service creative marketing agency, took pride in transforming ideas into executed marketing initiatives. From out-of-home campaigns to experiential events and seeding kits, their expertise spanned a broad spectrum of creative endeavors. Founded by Desmond Attmore and Brian “BWrightouse” Wright, business partners with backgrounds in music and entertainment, Six Degrees emerged from their journey in the industry, working with luminaries like Mike Will, Rae Sremmurd, and others.

The agency’s name, inspired by the concept of six degrees of separation, reflected their belief that everyone is connected in some way. Building genuine relationships had been the cornerstone of their success, evolving into a marketing company that values authenticity, community, and personal connections.

Staying true to their roots, Attmore and Wright chose Atlanta, Georgia, as the base for their creative marketing agency, recognizing a void that they were eager to fill in the dynamic city. Their goal was to create a company that resonates with their personal preferences, interests, and a narrative that aligns with the community’s values.

The essence of Six Degrees lay in the philosophy that when friends come together in business, it creates something truly remarkable. Their story served as an inspiration for others, showcasing the power of genuine relationships and organic connections in building a successful venture. The Spelhouse Brunch not only exemplified their commitment to cultural celebration but also highlighted the beauty that emerged when creativity met the community.

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