New York Artist Mia Taylor is Bringing Soca Mainstream


( ENSPIRE Music ) Mia Taylor is Reinventing the Music Scene by Mixing R&B with a Caribbean Flare

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaitlyn Cruz

Mia Taylor is a colorful and vibrant artist from Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by her Trinidadian roots, Mia combines a modern R&B sound with Soca, Caribbean rhythms. Some of her musical inspirations include Rihanna, Solange, Kes, Destra, Lauryn Hill, and Tems. At just 24 years old, Mia is creating a unique name for herself in the music industry. Her art and talent reach a diverse audience far beyond the five boroughs of New York City.

Mia is passionate about and proud of her Caribbean culture. She incorporates musical elements in all of her songs that invoke “island vibes”. Her music consists of her smooth, effortless vocals with catchy upbeat background tunes.

Mia Taylor- Soca and RnB 

Last year, Mia dropped her “breakout single” titled, “Mango”. The title is a clever play on words for “Let that man-go”. It’s reached #1 ‘trending’ on the Audiomack platform and was even featured on NPR. This upbeat track encourages women to prioritize themselves and practice self-love by leaving toxic situations, all while making you want to get up and dance.

Recently, she dropped a new single titled, “Traitor Joe”, which discusses betrayal in a relationship. The lyrics and title are based on the well-known supermarket “Trader Joes”. Mia continues to showcase her songwriting talent, with her ability to evoke different emotions in listeners and incorporate creative play-on-words. She invites listeners into her thoughts and experiences through her unique storytelling.

Mia represents Caribbean listeners from all over and hopes to make Soca mainstream. She hopes to help audiences understand what Soca is and help them appreciate the uniqueness and originality of the genre. In an interview that was featured in Audiomack World, Mia states, “I always tell people I’m an R&B and Caribbean artist. I’m an island girl in the city—I still have a New York vibe. My island side is my culture, it’s my family. I’m meshing both, so people get a good understanding of what Caribbean and Soca music is”.

Mia is passionate about creating genuine, authentic, yet vibrant music that brings people together. She continues to create feel-good music that evokes positive vibes while telling real stories. Her intentionality in her craft is clear. She’s a prime example of celebrating one’s roots and being true to yourself. Her success is ultimately success for Caribbeans all over, making Soca more well-known and appreciated. Listen to Mia’s music, available on Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

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