Unleashing the Rhyme: $amo Heung’s Journey into the Heart of Hip Hop


( ENSPIRE Music ) Exploring the Beats and Verses of a Wu-Tang Killa Bee

Meet Paul N. Fonville, a multifaceted African American artist known by his stage name $amo Heung. Beyond being a writer, artist, and producer, $amo Heung has carved a niche for himself as a powerhouse rhyme influencer and beat conductor within the realm of hip-hop music.

His notable collaborations and performances with iconic groups like The Wu-Tang Clan and The RZA have earned him recognition as an official Wu-Tang Killa Bee member. Now, as $amo Heung gears up to release his first solo hip-hop projects, including EPs, mix CDs, and full-length albums, the anticipation for his unique blend of lyrical prowess and musical innovation is palpable.

Now, let’s transition from his background to explore the profound impact of collaborating with hip-hop legends and being an official Wu-Tang Killa Bee member on shaping his approach to music and his unique contributions to the hip-hop scene.

Can you tell us about your journey into hip-hop music, and what inspired you to become a writer, artist, and producer in the genre?

My journey into music began in my childhood when my mother would play all kinds of music after she came home from work and every weekend when it was time to clean the house. What inspired me to become a writer was my love for learning. My mother always promoted education to me so I loved school and all my classes but English was my thing. As a child, Dr. Seuss was my go too, so that’s where I can write lines that rhyme comes from, of course later I learned about Mark Twain, Donald Goines, and Anne Rice (a few of my favorite writers). The artist and producer hit in when hip hop took over my young life, and I wanted to do what all the artists I admired did… Be a hip-hop superstar. I performed, rapped, and danced everywhere that I could then I learned how to produce music and live shows because other artists around me would need help and it was you better help yourself so I just started to learn as much as I could to succeed.

Collaborating and performing with iconic figures like The Wu-Tang Clan and The RZA is a significant accomplishment. How have these experiences shaped your approach to music, and what have you learned from working with such influential names in the industry?

What I truly learned from big brother and the rest of the family is to be on point and stay humble. Always practice your craft, even if you a master of a skill or technique you can always be better. Never live below your greatness and continue to strive for excellence. Be The Best Me I Can Be.

Your involvement as an official Wu-Tang Killa Bee member is impressive. How has being part of this legendary collective influenced your artistic style, and what unique elements do you believe you bring to the hip-hop scene?

Thank You… The Begga Way is influential in its own right, being a part of a legendary collective elevated us into a different atmosphere in hip hop because Wu-Tang Clan had already set down the strongest foundation, worldwide for all of us to build. My artistic style is just that Art. The unique element I bring to hip hop is the ability to attract then subdue a listener, entertain, and give the listener the ability to have their perspective on how they see the art I paint through words. As a prolific writer and performer, I love to hear how people see and hear my works, it’s inspiring to me.

With your first solo projects set for release, including EPs, mix CDs, and full-length albums, what can fans expect regarding your musical style, themes, and the overall experience you aim to create with your solo work?

$amo Heung makes DOPE, Hip Hop Music for Everybody. I am excited about being able to do music my way, meaning I can continue to deliver great music, visuals, merch, and all sorts of promotional items for fans and music lovers period to the best of my abilities with a focus on just loving what I do.

The Promo Tour you’re currently on covers various cities across the United States. How do you think this tour will impact your connection with fans, and what are your goals for engaging with different audiences in cities like New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, California, Texas, and Miami?

The promo tour has been Awesome, reconnecting with fans, family, friends, and the new following that’s building up. The impact has been nothing but people showing Love, everywhere I go. My goals have become to entertain the world by showing my gift… Peace.

As $amo Heung embarks on this long-awaited journey into the world of music, his experience as a featured artist on RZA’s “Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm” compilation album and appearance in RZA’s independent short film, “Bobby Digital,” only adds to the anticipation surrounding his solo ventures. With an undeniable passion for music and entertainment, $amo Heung is poised to leave an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene. Get ready to witness the evolution of a true artist as $amo Heung puts his distinctive spin on the game, enriching the world of hip-hop with his unparalleled talent and creativity.


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