Documentary “24 Crowns: The Time Is Now” Unveiled for Streaming


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Film Producer Sherry Thomas Releases her Documentary “24 Crowns: The Time Is Now” on Tubi, Plex, and Apple TV

ENSPIRE Contributor: Anastasia Petridis

Prominent film producer Sherry Thomas released her groundbreaking and powerful new documentary for streaming services in December. The documentary depicts Atlanta-area female black business owners and community leaders on journeys of success and empowerment. 

Sherry Thomas is not only the mastermind behind this production but is also a life coach, film producer, author, corporate sales trainer, and public speaker. In the documentary, she is integral in the work of the 24 women and acts as their guide in their journeys to success. The women connect using Thomas’s yearlong roadmap, an active journal entitled “24 Crowns.” The journal is accessible through Thomas’s consulting firm, D.I.V.A. Transformations, a two-decade-old life-training firm dedicated to helping clients find and reach their purpose.

Thomas’s background plays a big part in her journey as an educator; she says that “transforming starts with a strong foundation and understanding there is nothing ordinary about the life we are meant to live.” In the past, she went through hard times as an unhoused woman, then became a ministry and hospitality leader for eleven years, later moved on to sales jobs and corporate sales training, and finally established herself as an entrepreneur and created D.I.V.A. (Developing Irresistible Virtuous Attributes) Transformations. 

“I believe that all women, especially black women, need to be nurtured, loved and to feel like they can conquer the world…I believe it’s our responsibility to pass that story on to the next generation,” says Thomas. 

These women come from diverse career fields including construction, fitness, education, interior design, and beauty, and their work through the “24 Crowns” journal helps them achieve their goals and turns their dreams into reality.  

The documentary provides a behind-the-scenes, insider look into the lives of these extraordinary women. It also shows the process behind how they began working with Thomas and what they learned and accomplished through the duration of the active journal. Appearing in the documentary is a spectacular list of women including Ruth Graham, Chondra Myers, Kofi Kinney, and many more.

Directed by Roxe Karvell and with Executive Producers Tommy Glover and Sherry Thomas, this documentary from New Magic Productions is now available on major streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Tubi, Prime, and more. “24 Crowns: The Time Is Now” is a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial and executive adventure and purpose, and inspires viewers through the uplifting, educational message.

You can see the official movie trailer here.

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