Atlanta’s YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW Conference Returns For Its Fifth Year


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Camila Lizardo

YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW has returned with its 5th annual conference event this past January 15th, coinciding with the celebration of MLK. YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW is a one-day event that focuses mainly on being able to empower Black American youth to make their self-worth known, as well as providing them with the resources and different ideas that they need to take the initiative and start the changes they want to see in their communities.

This past January 4th, it was announced that YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW would be back with its 5th one-day conference. This past January 15th, YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW is a yearly conference in Atlanta arranged by well-known photographer and entrepreneur Cameron Kirkland, also known as Cam Kirk. It is held on MLK Day to encourage young people in the city to get involved in the community. The conference is a one-day event including career development workshops and speeches by well-known Atlantans and nationally acclaimed executives in different work industries.


This event took place at Cam Kirk Studios in Atlanta. This conference provides career-building workshops. Participants could interact with professionals from various fields, including business, fashion, music, etc. Several speakers were part of this event, including actor Woody McClaine, Ryan Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of The Gathering Spot; D.C. Young Fly, a popular YouTuber and Wild N’ Out star; Vic Blends, a barber known for his viral TikTok videos; and up-and-coming rapper Big Boss Vette.

YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW, aims to empower black American youth by providing resources and ideas to initiate change in their communities. Featuring many career-building workshops and prominent speakers. Additionally, YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW is a community conference organized by and for the community. For the past five years, this event has enjoyed a successful run, consistently occurring on January 15th annually in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and his enduring legacy.


We hope that next year we can see more of this amazing event and how it will help the youth that are part of the community. You can find more information about YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW in Camkirkstudio.

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