Monique Rose Sneed: 7-Figure Entrepreneur in Restaurant, Hospitality and NonProfit Industries


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

A 7-figure entrepreneur, Monique Rose Sneed has over 20 years of experience in restaurant real estate, retail, wellness & beauty, hospitality, and nonprofit industries. She is a motivational speaker who helps encourage those interested in business pursuits. Her expertise exceeds in the food, beverage & music, media podcasting, brand building, and talent sectors. A mother of two, Her mission is to “outwork everybody” and expand her network and empire. 

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Sneed had her first job at the age of 13, became a mom by the age of 16, and, at 18, got a job in a bar. Sneed’s love of food, cooking, and cocktail-making led her to a career climbing path in the restaurant and hospitality industries. By age 23, she became an expert in the restaurant service industry, management, and food. In 2002, she opened up her first bar and grill, Remedy. By 2005, Sneed owned three different bars and clubs.

Monique Rose Sneed

Besides rising entrepreneurship, she went into social services and founded the House of Hope Girls Group Home of Milwaukee. This non-profit organization focuses on pregnancy prevention and independent living skills for ages 16-20 girls. Sneed also began a nonprofit called Rags to Roses, which provided resources to underserved demographics of young women. In 2011, Sneed served as a general manager for several restaurants in Atlanta, opening more than a dozen restaurants in the United States. In 2016, she co-founded and grew the Mink & Honey Beauty to over $30 million in revenue. When she sold the entire brand, it was her first 7-figure deal in December 2020, retaining only two locations. Later, they sold those two locations in yet another 7 figure deal. Recently, she has dived into the restaurant chain again and will open a new restaurant. 

Monique Rose Sneed will discuss her career in restaurant and hospitality, her expertise in bars and restaurant entrepreneurship, advice on starting a business, her Mink & Honey Beauty brand, and more. 

Your career in the restaurant and hospitality industry started quickly; you’ve accomplished it at a young age and as a mother. What was your mindset and how did you focus on the experiences that were the key to your future successes?

At a young age, I focused on caring for my child and myself. It wasn’t obvious how to do it, but life showed me quickly how I would NOT do it, and I paid attention. The one constant in my mind was that I knew I wouldn’t let someone work harder, longer, or more intelligent than me, and it has proven to be the magic, mentally, spiritually, and professionally.

Tell us about your restaurant and hospitality experience and how it shaped your understanding and expertise in creating 3 bars + restaurants. 

I started behind the brand and loved interacting with customers; I grew to understand how the business worked, and working my way up and through has served me well. I can honestly say I have held almost every position in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, even if it was to fill in for someone or ensure it was done correctly. I roll my sleeves up and get it done when I need to.

You are a 7-figure entrepreneur with several businesses in the food industry, beauty and wellness, nonprofits, and more. What important advice can you give those starting their own businesses, including the challenges and important details to remember?

Develop a clear vision rooted in what you do best and what you can do alone. I have had business partners, teams, mentors, and more, and when it comes down to my success, although I have learned from each of the experiences. They are not all bad- I have a mentor and business partners to this day, but not until I had that first one crystal clear- who I was as an entrepreneur and got my faith aligned with my goals, did the other pieces fall into place… My advice is simple, but it applies to every part of running a business: In the beginning, we will most likely wear many hats and carry many burdens, but if you put the work in, the wins come eventually.

Could you tell us how you created your brand, Mink & Honey, and what tools you used to make it the booming business it is today?

Mink & Honey was created with my daughter in mind. She is by far more into fashion and glam than I am. I am raising my children with entrepreneurial mindsets, so I invest in their interests and gifts- Mink & Honey, like my other brands, are products we tested ourselves, love, and wear to this day. We did research and found manufacturers that aligned with what was important to us: longevity, safety, aesthetics, and being able to price it so that people her age or my age could have it. When you have a platform, small or large, choose products and services that naturally appeal to those you engage with. The business flows organically because you can speak about your real-life experiences and belief in your brand.

What wellness and self-care routines have you used to help manage your stress and anxiety levels in this line of work?

I pray and pray and love spending time with and spoiling my children and family and spending time with my husband in beautiful places whenever we can.

Monique Rose Sneed

You’ve founded House of Hope Girls Group Home of Milwaukee and Rags to Roses nonprofits, all young women focused. What new goals and opportunities do you want to achieve for young girls and women in this New Year that you think should be at the forefront?

In 2024, we are launching The Winner’s Circle, a community for women who want to connect with like-minded women and build authentic relationships. As a pillar of this community and all the brands you mentioned, is to support women and encourage the most impactful relationships- the ones we have with ourselves and each other. I started with two non-profits that focused on young women who needed guidance, mentorship, etc., and now I am opening the aperture while at the same time giving myself something that I need and want..and inviting women who share similar values.

There has been recent news that you are opening up another restaurant, care to share the details?

Besides La’ Caj, which was recently named one of the “Hottest New Restaurants around DC” by Eater, the next and newest concept in line to launch is in Towson. MD. We are giving a historic Seafood Restaurant, “Crack Pot,” a complete re-brand… so a new look, a new menu featuring extreme bar food, and a new bar program with some classics like an Old Fashioned, and a few new craft cocktails, like a spicy margarita. We will keep one thing: we’ll still offer fantastic crab cakes and a family feel, which the restaurant has been known for since it opened in 1972. I’m excited about this one because of the history and the loyal customer base, and it compliments the work we did with the team at Home Sweet Home Cafe, also located in the Baltimore area.

Monique Rose Sneed

Currently, Monique Rose Sneed is the owner of  La’Caj Seafood in the Washington, D.C. area, The Bodega in Atlanta, GA, The Collab ATL and Milk & Cookies in College Park, GA, Airport Liquor, R&M Freight LLC/Freight company, M&H Holdings LLC, Mink & Honey Shop, Monique Rose Management, and The Winners Circle, and online community for women and business owners. 

In addition, Sneed’s restaurant, The Bodega on Main, was given great reviews by social media food critic Keith Lee. The review has received over 20 million views and an increase in new customers daily, with lines going out the door. With the help of Sneed’s guidance and expertise, she has also given great opportunities and skills to her children, who have manifested on their own. Her son is an artist and entrepreneur at 26 and co-owns several businesses. Her daughter is enrolled at Clark Atlanta, studying fashion design and merchandising.

Monique Rose Sneed has been featured on Insider, MSN, Rolling Out, Eater, DCIST, Forbes, Cleo TV, and WBJ. Follow Sneed on Instagram to learn more about her brand and industries. Visit for information about Monique, her portfolio, speaking engagements, and media + press.

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